Dastagir Society, Karachi; July 13, 2022:   Some clerics along with ten madrassa students came to Master (teacher) Fazal Ahmad’s house on July 13 at 09:30 p.m. They were accompanied by a former student of the Master, who is now an office-holder in the management of the madrassa. Master’s son Yassir Ammar answered the knock on the door. A mulla asked him, “Have you sacrificed an animal on Eid-ul-Adha and thus insulted the Sunnat (practice) of Ibrahim?” “I did not sacrifice”, Ammar replied. They told him to send the head of the household.

When Master Fazal Ahmad came out of the house, the clerics repeated the same question, to which he answered in the affirmative. They asked him if he had distributed meat to Muslims as well. “I give only to those who accept the meat,” replied the Master. The mullas told him angrily that a police case could be registered against him over this. Then they said, “Why did you greet us with Salaam when we came? This way, you have insulted Islam and we know that you also go out to offer morning prayers. Now, our committee will decide tomorrow what to do with you.” After that, they went back shouting slogans.

On July 15, miscreants were seen roaming outside the Master’s house. At first, the Master shifted to another place for a few days to avoid the problem, but then he returned to his home, saying his disappearance would encourage the mullas further. Brave of him!