Shah Latif Town Sector 17/A, Karachi; July 2, 2022:  Ahmadis own a truck station here and most Ahmadis here belong to transport business. On the night of July 2, around 15 youth came over from the nearby Bhains Colony mosque, and noted down the number plates of trucks owned by Ahmadis. This led to a scuffle.  An influential person came over, caught one of the hoodlums and obtained essential information from him. Thereafter he went over to the cleric who had sent the boys and told him not spoil the peace of the area.

The mulla did not like the fair intervention. Now, posts are appearing on the social media against Ahmadis. Ahmadis had sacrificial animals for sale, at the truck station. A few boys came again, took pictures of animals and the trucks, and uploaded them on social media. Khatme Nabuwwat activists are urging people on social media to do no trade with Ahmadis and not to buy animals from them.

Hostile graffiti has also appeared against Ahmadis in Shah Latif Town and Abdullah Goth Karachi.