Nationalization of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya’s Schools & Colleges: Complete Report


  • Between 1947 and 1972, Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan (the “Community”) owned and operated a number of educational institutions in Punjab.
  • Nationalization: In 1972, the government of Pakistan introduced a policy of nationalization of educational institutions throughout Pakistan. Therefore, in pursuance of the above- mentioned policy, the following educational institutions of the Community were nationalized by the government.

Schools in Punjab:

  1. Taleem-ul-Islam (Primary and High) School, Rabwah, District Chiniot
  2. Nusrat Girls (Primary and High) School, Rabwah, District Chiniot
  3. Fazl-e-Umar High School, Rabwah, District Chiniot
  4. Taleem-ul-Islam High School, Kharian, District Gujrat.
  5. Ahmadiyya Primary School, Shadiwal, District Gujrat.
  6. Taleem-ul-Islam Primary School, Chukananwali, District Gujrat.
  7. Taleem-ul-Islam High School, Ghattialian, District Sialkot.
  8. Ahmadiyya Girls High School, District Sialkot.


  1. Taleem-ul-Islam College, Rabwah, District Chiniot
  2. Jamia Nusrat College, Rabwah, District Chiniot
  • Government offers return of control to original owners: In 1996, the Government of Punjab issued a notice giving the owners of nationalized educational institutions the option to regain control of their institutions upon fulfillment of certain criteria. See Punjab Government Gazette, No: SO (A-1) SA-1-18/90-A-III (July 28, 1996). The government subsequently issued a revised notification on 8th July 2002. See No. SO (R&B) 1-18/90-AIII. Copies of the 1996 and 2002 Punjab Government Official Gazette notifications are appended hereto as Attachment A.
  • The Community complies with all relevant criteria: The Community elected to avail the Government’s offer and contacted the Punjab Education Department. The Community subsequently fulfilled all terms and conditions prescribed by the relevant authorities pursuant to the Official Gazette notifications, including the deposit in 1996 of a sum of Rs. 11,012,483 for the above-mentioned eight (8) primary and secondary schools (equal to the emoluments and allowances of the staff for a period of six months to one year as directed by theauthorities) in the government treasury.

Following the revised notification in 2002, the Community requested the Provincial Government to denationalize the above-mentioned two (2) Colleges as well.

Official government forms reflecting payments tendered by the Community to the Government of Punjab are appended hereto as Attachment B.

  • Punjab Government’s return of institutions to other groups: Since 1996, the Punjab Government has returned numerous other institutions to their original owners. See U.S. Department of State International Religious Freedom Report 2006, Pakistan (“In 2001 the federal Government and the courts ordered the provincial governments to move forward with a complete denationalization process … The 2003 denationalization of Forman Christian College, arguably the most prominent Christian-founded educationalinstitution in the country, and its successful December 2003 handover to its original owners, the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), helped remove the legal hurdles.”
  • The Supreme Court of Pakistan Judgment on ownership of Nationalized institutions: The Supreme Court of Pakistan while providing interpretation of the nationalization order M.L.R. 118 in its judgment 2000 S C M R 893 dated 22nd Feb, 2000 states “It is well-settled and judicially recognized that under M.L.R 118 while the control, management and supervision of the privately managed Colleges and Schools was taken over by the Government, properties in which such institutions were housed did not vest in the Government as evidently no compensation had been paid to the previous management as well as the owners of the properties for such take-over”

This judgment clearly states that the ownership of nationalized institutions rests with the original owners. However, this right of ownership has been denied to the Community despite the clear verdict of Supreme Court of Pakistan. A copy of this judgment is appended hereto as Attachment C.


Despite repeated requests from the Community, including to the Office of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the Punjab Government has taken no action with respect to the Community’s requests for denationalizing of its educational institutions. The Punjab Government never provided any sound reason as to why the Community’s educational institutions are not denationalized. A list of officials the Community has met / written letters to over the years is appended hereto as Attachment D. A copy of a September 2012 letter issued by the Chief Minister’s Office that undertakes to “look into the matter and take necessary action as per law” is appended hereto as Attachment E.

Despite monthly written reminders from the community to the offices of DPI Education Schools, DPI Education Colleges, Secretary Education Schools, Secretary Education Colleges, Honorable Minister Education and HonorableChief Minister Punjab, unfortunately, there is no sign of the handing over of the schools and colleges back to thecommunity.

The community thus moved writ petitions in the Lahore High Court for schools (8067-17 Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan VS POP) and colleges (216847-18 Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan VS POP). However, the hearing on these writ petitions is also pending for the last two years and this matter is still lingering.

With reference to the Government notifications SO (A-1) SA-1-18/90-A-III dated July 28, 1996 and SO (R&B) 1-18/90-AIII dated 8th July, 2002, the community is hopeful that the Government of Pakistan will expedite the denationalization process of the community institutions.



Payments made by Jamaat against these Schools

1.   Taleem-ul-Islam (Primary and High) School, Rabwah37,56,630
2.   Nusrat Girls (Primary and High) School, Rabwah34,27,374
3.   Fazal-e-Umar High School, Rabwah10,23,732
4.   Taleem-ul-Islam High School, Kharian, Gujrat8,92,176
5.   Ahmadiyya Primary School, Shadiwal, Gujrat1,03,248
6.   Taleem-ul-Islam Primary School, Chukananwali, Gujrat60,192
7.   Taleem-ul-Islam High School, Ghattialian, Sialkot6,27,669
8.   Ahmadiyya Girls High School, Sialkot11,21,462
 Total Amount 1,10,12,483

The government had taken over the management of two of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmaddiya’s colleges as well, namely:-

  1. Taleem-ul-Islam College, Rabwah.
  2. Jamia Nusrat College, Rabwah.


Date of Nationalization: August 21, 1972, and was designated as ‘Privately Managed Schools & Colleges Taking Over Regulation 1972’.

Date of Privatization: July 28, 1996 under notification # SO (A-1) SA-1-18/90-A-III

Date of Application for Schools by Jamaat: August 19, 1996

Date of Application for Colleges by Jamaat: July 13, 2002



Meetings and correspondence

Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya filed for the Denationalization of its institutions to Government of the Punjab in 1996, since then following personnel have held the prominent positions in the Education department. The community has continuously visited them since 1996.

The community also wrote several letters to Chief Minister of the Punjab frequently and received a response against one of these letters from his office on 10 September 2012.

Officials                                              Office                                                  Meeting Date

a.Shehzad QiaserSec. Education12/8/1999
b.Kamran RasoolSec. Education12/7/2000
c.Sibtain Fazle HaleemSec. Education12/7/2002
d.Add. Secretary Gen. Punjab 31/12/2003
e.Kamran RasoolChief Sec. Punjab25/2/2004
f.Imran MasoodEducation Minister11/5/2004
g.Kanwar Idrees(for CM Punjab)15/6/2004
h.Imtiaz TajwarSpecial Sec. Education Schools7/7/2004
i.Imtiaz TajwarSpecial Sec. Education Schools19/1/2005
j.Javed AslamSec. Education11/5/2005
k.Imran MasoodMinister of Education2/2/2006
l.Syed Ikhlaq GilaniSec. Education16/2/2006
m.Zahid HameedSpecial Sec. Education Schools25/4/2006
n.Syed Ikhlaq GilaniSpecial Sec. Education Schools2/6/2007
o.Qazi Afaq HussainSec. Education17/4/2008
p.Arifa SaboohiSec. Education Colleges15/7/2008
q.Nadeem AshrafSec. Education Schools27/10/2008
r.M. Akram Ch. AdditionalSec. Education3/12/2009
s.Ahad Khan CheemaSec. Education3/12/2009
t.Shama ZiaLaw Officer (Punjab Govt) &at least 20-25 times
  Additional Sec. Educationsince 2001
u.Abdul Jabbar ShaheenSec. Education SchoolsApril 2016
v.Mr. Irfan AliSec. Education CollegesMay 2016
w.Mr. Nasim NawazSec. Education CollegesJuly 2017
x.Syed Mumtaz Hussain ShahDPI (Secondary)4 – 5 times since 2015
y.Chaudhry JahangirDPI (Colleges)24/01/2019
z.Secretary collegesSecretary collegesFeb 2019
aa.Additional Sec collegesAdditional Sec collegesMarch 2019
bb.Mumtaz hussain shahDPI (Secondary)May 2019
cc.Mumtaz hussain shahDPI (Secondary)Dec 2019
dd.Mumtaz hussain shahDPI (Secondary)Feb 2020
ee.Additional secretary (Schools)Additional secretary (Schools)Sept 2020
ff.Murad RaasEducation minister (Schools)Oct 2020
gg.Secretary education (Schools)Secretary education (Schools)Oct 2020
hh.Additional Sec (Schools)Additional Sec (Schools)Dec 2020
ii.Mumtaz hussain shahDPI (Secondary)Jan 2021
jj.Additional Sec (Schools)Additional Sec (Schools)March 2021

Denationalization Letters

 SR # Date ToMedium of  dispatchReference#
130-03-21Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4352
230-03-21Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4351
330-03-21Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4350
430-03-21Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4349
530-03-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier4348
630-03-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier4347
730-03-21Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4353
830-03-21Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4352
930-03-21Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4351
1030-03-21Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4350
1130-03-21Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4349
1230-03-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand4348
1330-03-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand4347
1430-03-21Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4353
152/2/2021Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3592
162/2/2021Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3591
172/2/2021Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3590
182/2/2021Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3589
192/2/2021Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3587
202/2/2021Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3586
212/2/2021Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3586
222/2/2021Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3593
234/2/2021Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3592
244/2/2021Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3591
254/2/2021Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3590
264/2/2021Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3589
274/2/2021Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3587
284/2/2021Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3586
294/2/2021Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3586
304/2/2021Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3593
3125-01-21Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3429
3225-01-21Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3428
3325-01-21Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3427
3425-01-21Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3426
3525-01-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3424
3625-01-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3425
3725-01-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3423
3825-01-21Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3430
3925-01-21Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3429
4025-01-21Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3428
4125-01-21Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3427
4225-01-21Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3426
4325-01-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3424
4425-01-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3425
4525-01-21Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3423
4625-01-21Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3430
4729-12-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2938
4829-12-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2937
4929-12-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2936
5029-12-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2935
5129-12-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2933
5229-12-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2934
5329-12-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2932
5429-12-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2939
5530-12-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2938
5630-12-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2937
5730-12-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2936
5830-12-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2935
5930-12-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2933
6030-12-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2934
6130-12-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2932
6230-12-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2939
6312-11-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2032
6412-11-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2033
6512-11-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2032
6612-11-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2031
6712-11-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2029
6812-11-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2030
6912-11-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2028
7012-11-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2035
7112-11-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2032
7212-11-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2033
7312-11-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2032
7412-11-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2031
7512-11-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2029
7612-11-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2030
7712-11-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2028
7812-11-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2035
793/10/2020Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1112
803/10/2020Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1111
813/10/2020Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1110
823/10/2020Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1109
833/10/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier1107
843/10/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier1108
853/10/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier1106
863/10/2020Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier1113
872/10/2020Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1112
882/10/2020Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1111
892/10/2020Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1110
902/10/2020Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1109
912/10/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand1107
922/10/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand1108
932/10/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand1106
9422-10-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand1113
954/3/2020Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4431
964/3/2020Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4430
974/3/2020Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4429
984/3/2020Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4428
994/3/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier4426
1004/3/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier4427
1014/3/2020Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier4425
1024-03-220Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier4432
10328-02-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4431
10428-02-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4430
10528-02-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4429
10628-02-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4428
10728-02-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand4426
10828-02-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand4427
10928-02-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand4425
11028-02-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4432
11120-1-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3655
11220-1-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3654
11320-1-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3653
11420-1-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3652
11520-1-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3650
11620-1-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3651
11720-1-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3649
11820-1-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3656
11921-1-20Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3655
12021-1-20Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3654
12121-1-20Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3653
12221-1-20Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3652
12322-1-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3650
12422-1-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3651
12522-1-20Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3649
12621-1-20Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3656
12718-12-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3120
12818-12-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3121
12918-12-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3122
13018-12-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3123
13118-12-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3124
13218-12-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3125
13318-12-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3126
13418-12-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3127
13518-12-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3120
13618-12-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3121
13718-12-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3122
13818-12-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3123
13918-12-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3124
14018-12-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3125
14118-12-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3126
14218-12-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3127
14327-11-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2659
14427-11-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2660
14527-11-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2661
14627-11-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2662
14727-11-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2657
14827-11-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2658
14927-11-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2656
15027-11-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2663
15127-11-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2659
15227-11-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2660
15327-11-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2661
15427-11-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2662
15527-11-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2657
15627-11-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2658
15728-11-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2656
15828-11-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2663
15910/6/2019Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier6758
16010/6/2019Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier6759
16110/6/2019Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier6761
16210/6/2019Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier6760
16310/6/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier6763
16410/6/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier6762
16510/6/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier6764
16610/6/2019Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier6757
16710/6/2019Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6758
16810/6/2019Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6759
1699/6/2019Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6761
17010/6/2019Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6760
17110/6/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand6763
17210/6/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand6762
17310/6/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand6764
17410/6/2019Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand6757
1756/5/2019Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier6137
1766/5/2019Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier6136
1776/5/2019Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier6135
1786/5/2019Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier6134
1796/5/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier6132
1806/5/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier6133
1816/5/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier6131
1826/5/2019Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier6138
1832/5/2019Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6137
1842/5/2019Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6136
1852/5/2019Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6135
1862/5/2019Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6134
1872/5/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand6132
1882/5/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand6133
1892/5/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand6131
1902/5/2019Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand6138
19129-4-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier6066
19229-4-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier6067
19329-4-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier6068
19429-4-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier6069
19529-4-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier6072
19629-4-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier6071
19729-4-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier6070
19829-4-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier6065
19929-4-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6066
20029-4-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6067
20129-4-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6068
20229-4-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand6069
20329-4-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand6072
20429-4-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand6071
20529-4-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand6070
20629-4-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand6065
20725-3-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier5467
20825-3-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier5466
20925-3-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier5465
21025-3-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier5464
 211 25-3-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), Lahore (Refused to accept) Courier 5463
21225-3-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier5462
21325-3-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier5461
21425-3-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier5468
21528-3-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand5467
21628-3-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand5466
21728-3-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand5465
21828-3-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand5464
21928-3-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand5463
22028-3-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand5462
22128-3-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand5461
22228-3-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand5468
22319-02-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4857
22419-02-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4856
22519-02-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4855
22619-02-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4854
22719-02-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier4852
22819-02-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier4853
22919-02-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier4851
23019-02-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier4858
23121-02-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4857
23221-02-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4856
23320-02-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4855
23421-02-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4854
23520-02-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand4852
23621-02-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand4853
23720-02-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand4851
23822-02-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4858
2398/1/2019Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4093
2408/1/2019Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4092
2418/1/2019Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4091
2428/1/2019Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4090
2438/1/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier4088
2448/1/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier4089
2458/1/2019Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier4087
2468/1/2019Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier4094
24724-01-19Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4093
24824-01-19Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4092
24924-01-19Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4091
25024-01-19Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4090
25124-01-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand4088
25224-01-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand4089
25324-01-19Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand4087
25424-01-19Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4094
25520-12-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3426
25620-12-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3425
25720-12-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3424
25820-12-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3423
25920-12-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3421
26020-12-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3422
26120-12-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3420
26220-12-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3427
26326-12-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3426
26426-12-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3425
26526-12-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3424
26626-12-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3423
26726-12-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3421
26826-12-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3422
26926-12-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3420
27026-12-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3427
27123-11-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2939
27223-11-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2940
27323-11-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2941
27423-11-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2942
27523-11-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2944
27623-11-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2943
27723-11-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2945
27823-11-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2946
27930-11-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2939
28030-11-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2940
28130-11-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2941
28230-11-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2942
28330-11-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2944
28430-11-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2943
28530-11-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2945
28630-11-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2946
28724-10-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2246
28824-10-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2245
28924-10-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2244
29024-10-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2243
29124-10-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2241
29224-10-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2242
29324-10-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2240
29424-10-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2239
2951/11/2018Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2246
2961/11/2018Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2245
2971/11/2018Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2244
2981/11/2018Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2243
2991/11/2018Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2241
3001/11/2018Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2242
3011/11/2018Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2240
3021/11/2018Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2239
30326-09-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
30426-09-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
30526-09-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
30626-09-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
30726-09-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier 
30826-09-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier 
30926-09-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier 
31026-09-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier 
31130-05-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4593
31230-05-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4592
31330-05-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4590
31430-05-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4591
31530-05-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier4595
31630-05-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier4596
31730-05-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier4594
31830-05-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier4589
31920-06-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4593
32020-06-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4592
32120-06-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4590
32220-06-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4591
32320-06-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand4595
32420-06-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand4596
32520-06-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand4594
32620-06-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4589
32730-04-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3834
32830-04-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3835
32930-04-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3836
33030-04-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3837
33130-04-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3833
33230-04-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3839
33330-04-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3840
33430-04-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3841
3357/5/2018Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3834
3367/5/2018Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3835
3377/5/2018Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3836
3387/5/2018Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3837
3397/5/2018Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3833
3407/5/2018Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3839
3417/5/2018Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3840
3427/5/2018Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3841
34322-03-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3752
34422-03-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3751
34522-03-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3753
34622-03-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3754
34722-03-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3750
34822-03-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3749
34922-03-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3748
35022-03-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3755
35126-03-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3752
35226-03-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3751
35326-03-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3753
35426-03-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3754
35526-03-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3750
35626-03-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3749
35726-03-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3748
35826-03-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3755
35917-02-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3274
36017-02-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3273
36117-02-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier3272
36217-02-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier3271
36317-02-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier3269
36417-02-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier3270
36517-02-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier3268
36617-02-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier3275
36728-02-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3274
36828-02-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3273
36928-02-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3272
37028-02-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand3271
37128-02-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand3269
37228-02-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand3270
37328-02-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand3268
37428-02-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand3275
37515-01-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2488
37615-01-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2489
37715-01-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2490
37815-01-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2491
37915-01-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2493
38015-01-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2492
38115-01-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2494
38215-01-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2487
38316-01-18Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2488
38416-01-18Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2489
38516-01-18Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2490
38616-01-18Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2491
38716-01-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2493
38816-01-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2492
38916-01-18Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2494
39016-01-18Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2487
3915/12/2017Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1775
3925/12/2017Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1774
3935/12/2017Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1770
3945/12/2017Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1769
3955/12/2017Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier1772
3965/12/2017Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier1773
3975/12/2017Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier1771
3985/12/2017Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier1768
39914-12-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1775
40014-12-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1774
40114-12-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1770
40214-12-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1769
40314-12-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand1772
40414-12-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand1773
40514-12-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand1771
40614-12-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand1768
40717-10-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1614
40817-10-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1613
40917-10-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1612
41017-10-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1611
41117-10-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier1609
41217-10-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier1610
41317-10-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier1608
41417-10-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier1615
41517-10-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1614
41617-10-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1613
41717-10-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1612
41817-10-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1611
41917-10-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand1609
42017-10-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand1610
42117-10-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand1608
42217-10-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand1615
42328-08-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier720
42428-08-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier719
42528-08-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier718
42628-08-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier717
42728-08-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier715
42828-08-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier716
42928-08-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier714
43028-08-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier713
43129-08-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand720
43229-08-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand719
43329-08-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand718
43429-08-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand717
43529-08-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand715
43629-08-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand716
43729-08-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand714
43829-08-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand713
43917-07-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier242
44017-07-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier241
44117-07-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier240
44217-07-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier239
44317-07-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier237
44417-07-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier238
44517-07-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier236
44617-07-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier235
44730-07-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand242
44830-07-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand241
44930-07-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand240
45030-07-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand239
45130-07-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand237
45230-07-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand238
45330-07-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand236
45430-07-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand235
45513-05-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4630
45613-05-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4629
45713-05-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier4628
45813-05-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier4627
45913-05-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier4625
46013-05-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier4626
46113-05-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier4624
46213-05-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier4623
46318-05-17Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4630
46418-05-17Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4629
46518-05-17Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4628
46618-05-17Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand4627
46718-05-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand4625
46818-05-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand4626
46918-05-17Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand4624
47018-05-17Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand4623
47130-11-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
47230-11-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2319
47330-11-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier2318
47430-11-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier2317
47530-11-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier2314
47630-11-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier2315
47730-11-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier2316
47830-11-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier2313
4791/12/2016Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
4801/12/2016Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2319
4811/12/2016Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2318
4821/12/2016Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand2317
4831/12/2016Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand2314
4841/12/2016Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand2315
4851/12/2016Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand2316
4861/12/2016Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand2313
48727-10-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1785
48827-10-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1784
48927-10-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1778
49027-10-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1779
49127-10-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier1780
49227-10-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier1781
49327-10-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier1782
49427-10-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier1783
49528-10-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1785
49628-10-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1784
49728-10-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1778
49828-10-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1779
49928-10-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand1780
50028-10-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand1781
50128-10-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand1782
50228-10-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand1783
50320-09-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1164
50420-09-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1165
50520-09-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier1166
50620-09-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier1167
50720-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier1169
50820-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier1168
50920-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier1170
51020-09-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier1163
51129-09-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1164
51229-09-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1165
51329-09-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1166
51429-09-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand1167
51529-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand1169
51629-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand1168
51729-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand1170
51829-09-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand1163
51918-08-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier801
52018-08-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier800
52118-08-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier803
52218-08-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier802
52318-08-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier805
52418-08-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier804
52518-08-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier806
52618-08-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier807
52729-09-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand801
52829-09-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand800
52929-09-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand803
53029-09-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand802
53129-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand805
53229-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand804
53329-09-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand806
53429-09-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand807
53523-06-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
53623-06-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
53723-06-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
53823-06-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
53923-06-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier 
54023-06-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier 
54123-06-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier 
54223-06-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier 
54320-07-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
54420-07-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
54520-07-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
54620-07-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
54720-07-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand 
54820-07-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand 
54920-07-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand 
55020-07-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
55121-05-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
55221-05-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
55321-05-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
55421-05-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreCourier 
55521-05-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreCourier 
55621-05-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreCourier 
55721-05-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreCourier 
55821-05-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreCourier 
55924-05-16Secretary Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
56024-05-16Secretary Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
56124-05-16Minister Education Schools, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
56224-05-16Minister Higher Education, Punjab, LahoreBy hand 
56324-05-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Elementary), LahoreBy hand 
56424-05-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Secondary), LahoreBy hand 
56524-05-16Director Punjab Instruction Education (Colleges), LahoreBy hand 
56624-05-16Honorable Chief Minister Punjab, LahoreBy hand