Rabwah, District Chiniot; May 2024: At Government Model Elementary School in Muslim Colony, Rabwah, a controversy was raised against Ms. Iram Daud, an Ahmadi teacher. Maulvi Tauseef from Muslim Colony alleged that Ms. Daud intentionally taught her students to phrase a sentence in a way that seemingly undermines the finality of prophethood. Specifically, he claimed that she omitted a crucial phrase in the mention of End of Prophethood tenet and used past tense instead of present tense. Tauseef’s accusations led to a viral video, where he demanded Ms. Daud’s suspension and criticized the lack of official action on his demand against Ahmadi teachers in the area.

In response, the District Education Officer of Chiniot suspended Ms. Daud citing “Inefficiency, Misconduct, and Misrepresenting a text book lesson on Khatam-e-Nabuwat.” However, reality is different. Ms. Daud had asked her students to write about the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in their own words. Some students used “is” while others used “was” in their sentences, both of which Ms. Daud accepted as correct during grading. Maulvi Tauseef, seizing this as opportunity, orchestrated a campaign against Ms. Daud, pressuring authorities to take action against her.

Moreover, Ms. Daud underwent investigations by various agencies, but their findings were still awaited at the time of her suspension. It appears that her suspension was hastily executed under pressure from the bigots, without due process or consideration of the full facts.

A fair reappraisal would surely show that Ms Daud was not at all guilty of ‘Inefficiency’ or ‘Misconduct’.