Press Release along with Annexes mentioned in the report below

Despite facing persistent challenges and harassment, the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan celebrated Eid under daunting circumstances this year. Instances of targeted persecution and discriminatory actions marred what should have been a joyous occasion for all citizens. Regrettably,

  • Ahmadis across various regions of Pakistan encountered police interventions and societal pressure preventing them from freely practicing their religious rituals, including Eid prayers and animal sacrifices.
  • Incidents of harassment, arrest and detention of Ahmadis were reported from multiple districts and localities.
  • The Ahmadiyya Community’s right to religious freedom, as guaranteed by the
  • Supreme Court of Pakistan (Cr1.P.916-L/2021, January 12, 2022), was infringed upon, despite legal protections.
  • The unwarranted detention of Ahmadis, including criminal cases where individuals were held without formal charges or legal basis reflects a concerning pattern of persecution.
  • Multiple cases were registered under PPC Section 298-C, resulting in arrests and imprisonment of Ahmadis, further exacerbating their plight.
  • The culprits roam freely, raising slogans, attacking Ahmadi homes, trespassing their homes and recording videos while Ahmadis face detention under the guise of derailing public order and peace.
  • In addition, pamphlets, hate banners and wall chalking appeared in many areas, with security forces clearly failed to stop these actions. (Annex 2)

Detainments and Detention Orders:

  • The Police have detained 23 Ahmadis based on the detention orders under section 3 (1) of the Punjab Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960 (the “MPO”) ranging from 3 to 30 days.
  • Additionally, some Ahmadis were detained for varying durations, ranging from a few hours to several hours overnight, before being released.
  • All detainees have now been released; however, they remained behind bars during the Eid festivities. (Details enclosed as Annex 3)

Legal Cases and Arrests:

  • 12 criminal cases were registered under PPC Section 298-C against 18 Ahmadis and 05 non-Ahmadi friend.
  • 11 Ahmadis were arrested in connection with these frivolous criminal cases.
  • 07 Ahmadis and 05 non-Ahmadis remain under custody in these criminal cases.

Annex 2 provides a detailed list of incidents and locations where Ahmadis faced persecution during Eid celebrations. Annex 3 includes statistical data on detentions, arrests, and legal cases filed against Ahmadis.

Previously we reported some government orders banning Ahmadis from performing any kind of animal sacrifice during Eid al-Adha. Likewise, the Lahore High Court Bar Association sent letters to regional police officers of Bahawalpur, D.G. Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Sargodha, and Sheikhupura, instructing them ‘to prevent the illegal use of Shaair-E-Islami (such as Eid prayer gatherings and Qurbani) by the Qadiani/Lahori group during Eid-Ul-Ada.’ It further states, ‘in case of non-compliance strict/stern departmental action shall be initiated against the concerned officials and also legal action under  298C, of the PPC should be taken against the Qadiani non-Muslim group and other organizers of the Qadiani Jama’at so that the peace of the area can be maintained and any kind of loss of life and property can be avoided. This letter referenced a notification issued by the Home Department, Government of Punjab.[4] The notification stated at point (c) that only Muslims shall be allowed to perform in accordance with Islamic rites.

These letters clearly violate the Supreme Court’s decision. Moreover, it is hypocritical to claim these actions maintain peace while allowing extremists to freely incite violence and threaten Ahmadis. Simultaneously, Ahmadis who practice their religion quietly within their homes are accused of disrupting the peace. This blatant double standard is unacceptable.

The statistics mentioned above underscore the challenges and injustices faced by the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan, highlighting the need for international human rights bodies’ attention and advocacy for their rights and freedom.

The representative of the Ahmadiyya Community Pakistan, Amir Mahmood, strongly condemned these instances, he said, “The Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan condemns the systematic persecution and harassment we continue to face, especially during religious festivities like Eid. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has affirmed our right to practice our faith within the confinement of our homes, yet we are denied this basic freedom. We appeal to the government to uphold the values of religious tolerance and human rights. Practical steps must be taken to ensure the safety and rights of all citizens, regardless of their religious beliefs. We urge authorities to fulfil their responsibilities and curb the activities of extremist groups, whose actions threaten the peace and stability of our society.”

We call upon the global community, international human rights organizations and influential figures to:

  • Advocate for the implementation of Supreme Court rulings protecting Ahmadiyya’s rights.
  • Pressure Pakistani authorities to take decisive actions against perpetrators of religious persecution.
  • Support initiatives that promote religious tolerance and diversity within Pakistan.
  • Monitor and report on human rights violations against Ahmadis and other minorities in Pakistan.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community reiterates its commitment to patience, forbearance, and adherence to the law. We believe in peaceful coexistence and equal rights for every citizen of Pakistan. We urge the international community and Pakistani authorities to uphold justice and safeguard the fundamental rights of all Pakistanis. Together, we must strive to build a society where tolerance, respect, and diversity thrive.

This report stands as a testament to our unwavering resolve and the challenges we face in pursuit of our basic human rights.

Encl.  Annexes

Translation (the text of both is the same)
Preventing Qadianis from Performing Sacrifice on Eid al-Adha
Campaign to Safeguard the Finality of Prophethood
We will not allow the nefarious conspiracy of Qadianis to destroy peace.
Stopping the Qadiani mischief and exposing their disbelief in every street and neighborhood.
Preventing Qadianis from using Islamic symbols and ending their anti-religion and anti-state activities.
The Finality of Prophethood is the foundation of faith and its protection is obligatory for every Muslim
All minarets, arches, boards, and tombstones of Qadianis have been removed previously.
According to the Constitution of Pakistan, Article 106(3) and 260(3), and under Section 298 B & C, Qadianis are declared non-Muslims and cannot use Islamic symbols.
1200 Companions of the Prophet sacrificed their lives for the protection of the Finality of Prophethood, and can we not stop Qadianism?
Join us in the fight against the Qadiani mischief to protect your faith and the faith of future generations. Report any Qadiani activities immediately to the following number:
Servant of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan
Muhammad Asim Ashfaq Rizvi
Protector of the Honor of Prophethood



  • The Police in three places (Chak Chatha, Dahranwala & Perkot Sani) in District Hafiz Abad did not permit Ahmadis to offer Eid prayers and forced them to relocate.
  • In District Gujranwala, Ahmadis were forced to offer Eid prayers in small units.
  • In Darul Fazal Gharbi Tahir, Rabwah clerics gathered and demanded to not let Ahmadis offer Eid prayers. 
  • The Police arrived in Ahmadiabad, District Khushab to stop Eid prayers but it had already been offered.
  • The Police at some Ahmadiyya mosques prevented prayers a day before Eid.



  • Kaleem Ahmad Bajwa, an Ahmadi missionary in Darul Fazal Sharqi, was performing a sacrifice inside his house when Tehreek-e-Labaaik, Pakistan (TLP) reported this to the Police, causing unnecessary trouble for the entire area.
  • The Police questioned sacrifices in Darul Yemen and Darul Fazal Sharqi but left after clarifications.
  • The Police inspected but allowed Ahmadis to leave after sacrificing animals in Biyutul-Hamd quarters.
  • The Police returned meat in Nasirabad Rahman after Shia (a Muslim sect) friends confirmed it belonged to them.


  • A day before Eid, the police arrested Abdul Hameed and his son Irfan of Chak 203, Lodhi Nangal, Dist. Faisalabad. They both were released after their sacrificial animal (a goat) was sold for a paltry price. When highlighted in the media, the police pressured him to give a statement that he was treated well by the Police.
  • In Chak 27 JB, Faisalabad, Shehzad Ahmad was detained after meat was found in his fridge. This meat was a gift from his non-Ahmadi friend. The Police later released him.
  • Clerics of TLP reported that Usman Ahmad had sacrificed an animal inside his house.  Usman had to resolve the issue with the Police by moving the meat to another location.
  • An Ahmadi family in Kareem Nagar faced harassment from TLP members when a non-Ahmadi household member sacrificed an animal. The Police decided in favor of the family, prompting TLP members to gather outside the house, raising slogans demanding the family to renounce Ahmadiyyat.


  • In Kot Hera, Gujranwala, the local president of the Community had to shift animals elsewhere a day before Eid, after a complaint was made regarding the presence of sacrificial animals at his house.
  • In Talwandi Khajoorwali, a non-Ahmadi friend gave Tahir Ahmad a portion of meat for preparation. Someone recorded him while he was preparing the portion and reported it to the Police. The Police arrested him and registered a case against him under section PPC 298-C.
  • A case was registered against Waqas Majeed and Nasar Ahmad in Gujranwala Cantt Police Station under section PPC 298-C, accusing them of animal sacrifice. Despite informing the Police that they were only selling the goats, both men were taken into custody along with their goats, cash, mobile phones and a motorcycle.
  • In Kari Kot, Sej Kalar, TLP members reported to the Police that an Ahmadi, Mohsin Naseer, was conducting a sacrifice at his farmhouse. His relatives clarified that the sacrifice was theirs, resolving the Police report. Later on, the Police registered a criminal case against him and three non-Ahmadis under section PPC 298C and sent them to Gujranwala Jail.
  • A 13-year-old child Faizan Ahmad was detained in Talwandi Musa Khan over a sacrificial ram. He remained behind bars for the rest of the Eid day and was released the next day.
  • In Baghbanpura, Dr. Tahir Ahmad had a pet kid goat at his residence. However, he was arrested and the police also took the kid goat with them.
  • A Zeeshan Ahmad of age 29 years old in Noeki was arrested while assisting non-Ahmadi relatives in their sacrificial ritual. 
  • In Kotli Bakha, Rehan Ahmad had to move his animals elsewhere to avoid conflict after TLP members arrived with the Police.
  • In Amir Park, TLP members reported to the Police that they saw sacrificial animals outside the house of an Ahmadi, Mirza Zahid. The Police investigated and confirmed that the animals belonged to the neighbors, resolving the issue.
  • In Kot Shera, a suspicious person was caught pretending to be a security personnel.
  • In Hakheke, religious clerics created intimidation with a siren on their vehicle.


  • The TLP reported to the Police about several Ahmadis in relation to performing the Qurbani in Sheikhupura, resulting in the arrests of Shabir Ahmad, Ataul Wadood, Iftikhar Ahmad (from Sheikhupura City),  Farooq Azam (from Kot Abdul Malik),  Khalid Ahmad and Shahid Ahmad from Farooqabad,  and Aamir  Sial from Ambonooriyan.
  • The Police registered four criminal cases under section PPC 298-C against the above-mentioned Ahmadis. These Ahmadis were arrested and were presented before the Magistrate, who subsequently dismissed all charges, leading to their release.
  • In a similar incident in Kaki Nau, two Ahmadis who had purchased animals for sacrifice were reported to the Police. When summoned to the Police station, their animals were relocated to another place.


  • On June 18, Malik Ijaz from Gulshan Raavi, Lahore, bought a cow for sacrifice with his neighbor. Someone reported this to the Police, leading to Ijaz’s arrest and confiscation of the meat. After his neighbor clarified that the cow belonged to him and Ijaz only provided space, Ijaz was released, and the meat was returned. However, the neighbor was warned against giving any meat to Ijaz, with threats of action if he did.
  • Jameel Ahmad of Altaf Park also faced police intervention after buying an animal for sacrifice, which was resolved by handing the animal to a butcher.
  • In Township, a communal sacrifice took place at a non-Ahmadi’s residence. When someone reported it to the Police, the non-Ahmadi owner claimed the animal as his. The Ahmadis were instructed not to collect the meat directly, which was later discreetly distributed to their homes.
  • Muneeb Nasir of Sabzazar, Lahore faced a police visit over a goat but they left after learning that it belonged to the tenants. 


  • Ansar Mahmood was detained for 07 days in Nadeemabad, Daska, based on a religious cleric’s complaint, a day before Eid.
  • Similarly, on June 16, Aamir Hussain and Naeem in Nishtarabad were detained for 03 days. Their sacrificial animals were also confiscated.
  • Zeeshan Ahmad of Nishtarabad was arrested on June 16. He has been released.
  • Local Ahmadiyya presidents in Sialkot were forced to sign statements against animal sacrifice, and those who did not sign were detained.
  • Ata ul Qudoos of Rabwah was arrested by the Police while visiting his grandparents for Eid. His grandfather had bought an animal for sacrifice, prompting a Police raid. Only Ata ul Qudoos and the women were home. He was arrested but was later released.
  • Rashid Iqbal in Daska was detained for 07 days for sacrificing an animal at his home.
  • The Police raided the residence of Akhtar Mahmood (local  Ahmadiyya president) in Bhopal Wala and took his sacrificial animal (a goat).
  • Rahat Anwar of Dadu Wali was offering sacrifice inside his house when the Police and the religious clerics arrived. The Police initially arrested two Ahmadis and house arrested the others. Later on, the Police arrested further Six Ahmadis. Afterwards, the administration issued orders for detention of 08 days.
  • The Police arrested Manzoor Ahmed, his son Abid Ahmed and others in Manga and detained Abid Ahmed for Seven days.


  • The Police were informed by opponents about Muhammad Nasrullah’s sacrificial activity in Laksiyan, Sargodha resulting in his arrest. The TLP activists pressured the SHO to file a criminal case against him, threatening to gather 200 activists outside the police station, leading the SHO to comply and register the said case under section PPC 298-C.  He has been sent to jail on judicial remand.


  • The Police arrived in Ahmadiabad to stop the Eid prayers but it had already been offered.
  • The Police raided the house of Zafar Abbas Joyia in Joharabad while he was away. Despite searching the house and the fridge, they found nothing and left. TLP workers were also present during the said raid. 
  • Qurbani was taking place at the residence of a non-Ahmadi house. There was also a share of some Ahmadis invested in that Qurbani. On being reported, the Police arrived and arrested two non-Ahmadis. Upon being told by the two non-Ahmadis that this Qurbani also contains Ahmadi shares they released the said two non-Ahmadis and arrested an Ahmadi namely Imran and along with him arrested the non-Ahmadi butcher for being an accessory to the “crime”. Currently, both the Ahmadi and the butcher are behind bars.


  • Dr. Muhammad Tayyab in Chak 45 had a case filed against him with FIR No. 1032/24, under Section PPC 298-C for offering the sacrifice, although he was not arrested. A Bail before arrest would be sought after the Eid holidays.


  • In Narowal, Daud Ahmad of Jilani Colony was detained for seven days after opponents reported his purchase of a sacrificial animal to the Police.


  • A large contingent of Police and elite forces arrived at a farmhouse in Subhan Shah, Okara preventing the workers from performing any sacrifice of animals.  


  • The Police have registered a case under section PPC 298-C against Mubashir Ahmad Ranjha in Chak No. 312 Khathowali and thereafter arrested him. This was done on the basis of a TLP video report. He was doing sacrifice inside his house. 


  • The TLP groups roamed and visited various police stations in Rawalpindi.  Anti-Ahmadiyya wall chalking was seen in Chak Beli Khan Bazar, near a local Ahmadiyya Community chapter of Mahmooda.


  • The Police in Vehari City harassed two Ahmadi sisters Najma Zia and Nasira Jabbar and confiscated their sacrificial animals (goats) from the house of one of the sisters. The other sister had to move her sacrificial animal (a goat) elsewhere. The Police also warned the Community members that the TLP possesses a list of all Ahmadi households, urging them to stay vigilant.


  • In Sanjar Chang, Hyderabad Community members were advised to sacrifice discreetly and to avoid  sharing any pictures and videos on the social media.


  • Mudassir Waqas, an Ahmadi, from Model Colony, Karachi was summoned by the Police for questioning. He was summoned due to the pressure from the right wing religious groups. He was asked to reamain undetected. He was not arrested.
  • In Model Colony, Karachi, Ahmadis were discouraged from sacrificing animals, as the TLP clerics put up banners inciting the public to report any such activities to the Police.
  • The TLP clerics gathered outside the Ahmadiyya mosque during Eid prayers, later moving to Gulshan-e-Jami to raise anti-Ahmadiyya slogans.
  •  Suspicious individuals recorded videos near a center in Clifton, Karachi.
  • Mirza Shahid Bashir from Manzoor Colony, Karachi was momentarily detained by the Police for performing the Qurbani on the Eid day. The Police raided his house upon being reported by the TLP who not only complained against Mirza Shahid Bashir but also gathered outside his house in large numbers. The Police also confiscated the meat from his house Mirza Shahid Bashir is a Community office bearer.


  • In Muhammadabad and Kareem Nagar, Ahmadis were harassed by opponents who vandalized their properties, broke windows, climbed walls to record videos, and finally dispersed upon police intervention.
  • The Police entered Muhammad Asif’s residence in Kunri city, arresting him and seizing the meat. He was released the next day.


  • In Nusrat Abad, the TLP activists were visibly active; failing to find any sacrificial activity, they proceeded to an Ahmadiyya graveyard where they photographed tombstones bearing Islamic symbols.


S.NoDateFIR NoPolic StationComplainantAccusedPPCBrief
 17-06-2024406Laksian SargodhaMuhammad Saeed AminNasrullah S/O Zafar Iqbal298-CArrested
217-06-20241228Cant GujranwalaNayeer Ahmad Tahir Mahmood298-CArrested
317-06-20241227Cant GujranwalaMuhammad NabeelWaqasNaseer (Nasar)298-CArrested
417-06-2024591Wando GujranwalaNaseer AhmadMalik MohsinMuhammad SultanMuhammad VaryamSibbat HassanMurtaza (6-9) are Non Ahmadis298-CArrested
517-06-2024687Gojra Toba Tek SinghMohsin RazaMubashar298-CArrested
617-06-20241872A Division ShaikhupuraMaqsood Ahmad ASIAta Ul Wadood298-CArrested & Discharged
717-06-20241871A Division ShaikhupuraMahmood Ali SIIftikhar S/O Tufail298-CArrested & Discharged
817-06-2024615Farooq Abad ShaikhupuraMuhammad Naveed Anjum SI Khalid S/O Ismail Shahid S/O Salahudin298-CArrested & Discharged
918-06-20241840Bhakhi ShaikupuraMuhammad Yasin SIAmir S/O Nawaz298-CArrested & Discharged
1018-06-20241032Khan Pur Rahim Yar KhanMuhammad Nasrullah Abbasi ASIDr Tayyab298-CNot Arrested
1118-06-2024290KhushabMuhammad NaeemImranHamid Hussain (Non Ahmadi)298-C 109.PPCArrested
1220-06-2024495Talhi Umer KotAbdul KhaliqSohail AhmadAfzal AhmadHamid HussainMunawar AhmadNaeem Ahmad298-C 34Bail before arrest


S.NoIssued by Deputy CommissionerDateRecommendationUnder SectionNameFor DaysRelease After
 1Chakwal10-06-2024DPO Chakwal3(1) MPO 1960Tahir Ahmad303
 2Chakwal10-06-2024DPO Chakwal3(1) MPO 1960Maik Naveed Ahmad303
 3Chakwal10-06-2024DPO Chakwal3(1) MPO 1960Riaz Ahmad Malik303
 4Sialkot15-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Qaiser Imran77
 5Narowal18-06-2024DPO Narowal3(1) MPO 1960Dawood Ahmad74
 6Sialkot16-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Ansar Mahmood76
 7Sialkot16-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Amir Hussain33
 8Sialkot16-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Naeem33
 9Sialkot16-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Muahmmad Arshad76
 10Sialkot16-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Qudrat ullah76
 11Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Rahat Anwar75
 12Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Bilal75
 13Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Anwar Ul Haq75
 14Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Zohaib75
 15Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Sareed Ahmad75
 16Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Shahzaib75
 17Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Abaid75
 18Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Faiz75
 19Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Rashid Iqbab75
 20Sialkot17-06-2024DPO Sialkot3(1) MPO 1960Abid75
 21Gujranwala19-06-2024CPO Gujranwala3(1) MPO 1960Zeeshan75
22Gujranwala16-06-2024CPO Gujranwala3(1) MPO 1960Zaheer Ahmad76
23Gujranwala19-06-2024CPO Gujranwala3(1) MPO 1960Muhammad Tahir76
* Zeeshan & Muhammad Tahir (at 21 & 23) were arrested on June 16 & 17, however their detention orders were issued on June 19.