Kot Lakhpat, Lahore; April 2024: Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Butt, an Ahmadi, is running a private educational institution here named “Imtiaz Public School”. It enjoys good reputation. A campaign is underway against this school on the grounds of the faith of its owner.

Mr. Butt was identified from the electoral list of 2023 (Qadiani males) and a campaign was launched against him with the title “Important Announcement”. This announcement was published in various social media outlets. The announcement stated that,

Important Announcement

“Imtiaz Public School on Piko Road, Kot Lakhpat, is owned by Imtiaz Butt, a staunch Qadiani. His credentials as a Qadiani have been confirmed through the Qadiani voters list. This school, run by this infidel since 1960, has likely corrupted the faith of countless Muslim children. For God’s sake… parents whose children attend this school should immediately pull them out to safeguard their faith. Share this message with all your Muslim brothers and sisters for the protection of our children’s faith. Long Live the Bearer of the Crown of Khatme Nabuwwat! Cursed be Qadianiyat!”

Mr Imtiaz Ahmed Butt is old and rarely visits his school; the school system is administered by his children. The name of his son Mr. Mashhood Ahmed Butt is also included in the said announcement.