Chak 88 GB, Hasyana, District Faisalabad; 30 June & 1 July 2022:   Opponents of Ahmadiyyat approached the police here against the minarets and inscriptions on Ahmadiyya mosque. Subsequently, the police registered a case under section PPC 298-B against four Ahmadi elders of Chak 88 on February 19, 2022. They are on bail.

Later the opponents filed a writ in the court for expeditious follow-up. At this, the police called the local Ahmadi elders to Dijkot police station and pressurized them to remove the minarets and the Kalima (Islamic Creed) from the Ahmadiyya mosque. Ahmadis informed them of their rights under law and Constitution.

On the night of June 30, the Tehsildar, the Patwari and a police contingent came to the village. Ahmadis feared desecration of their mosque by these officials, but due to non-availability of the Town Committee staff, there was no action and the police went back. The next day, on July 1, a heavy police contingent along with more than 20 police vehicles and the staff of the town committee assembled at the Dijkot police station till late at night, but took no action.

Earlier, anti-Ahmadiyya action was taken against three Ahmadiyya mosques in the jurisdiction of police station Dijkot, and two Ahmadis narrowly escaped assassination attempt.