Chak Chatha, District Hafizabad; December 2023: A non-Ahmadi homeopath made a false claim against an Ahmadi, Mr. Saadat Ahmad, that he had sprayed him with something that nearly killed him. After that, the daughter of this homeopath, who is a teacher in a local school, started harassing the Ahmadi teachers and students. She wrote a questionnaire and told Ahmadi students to bring their book of hadith. Then, she used abusive language against the Ahmadis in the staff meeting and demanded that the Ahmadi teachers be fired. These opponents considered a plan to expel the elder Ahmadi students and indoctrinate the younger one. This school belongs to Master Ehsan, the Imam of the local Masjid Noor. Similarly, Tehreek-e-Labaik is busy planning against the Ahmadiyya mosque.