Ahmadiyya Beliefs

Ahmadiyya Beliefs

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

The promised Messiah (May Peace and Blessings upon him) Says:

La Ilah Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah. (There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.) Our belief, which we hold in this life here on earth and to which we will continue to adhere firmly till the time that we pass on to the next world, is that our spiritual leader and master, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, is the Seal of the Prophets and the Best of the Messengers. At His hands religion has been perfected and blessing of Allah has been consummated which lead man to the right path and further on to God Himself. We hold this positive belief with absolute certainty that the Holy Quran is the seal of all Divine books and not an iota can be added to or subtracted from its prescribed teachings, inhibitions, commands and injunctions. There will be no revelation or word from God which may amend or abrogate or change or alter any of the injunctions of the Holy Quran. If anyone subscribes to such views, in our opinion, he ceases to belong to the body of believers and becomes an infidel thereby.

(Izala e Auham: Roohani Khaza’in Vol. 3:;, p. 170)

We believe that God exists. To assert His existence is to assert a most important truth. We believe that God is ONE, without any equal in heaven or on the earth. Everything else is His creation, dependent upon Him for its subsistence. He is without son or daughter or father or mother or wife or brother. He is One and Unique. We believe that God is Holy, free from all imperfections and possessed of all perfections. There is no imperfection that may be found in Him and no perfection which may not be found in Him. His power and knowledge are unlimited. He encompasses everything and there is nothing that encompasses Him. He is the First, the Last, the Manifest, the Hidden, the Creator, and the Master. He is the Loving, the Enduring. His actions are willed, not constrained or determined. He rules today as He ever ruled before. His attributes are eternal. 

The promised Messiah (May Peace and Blessings upon him) Says:

“Our paradise is in our God. Our highest delight is in our God for we have seen Him and have found every beauty in Him. This wealth is worth procuring though one may have to lay down one’s life to procure it. This ruby is worth purchasing though one may have to lose one’s self to acquire it. 0 ye, who are bereft, run to this fountain and it will satiate your thirst. It is the fountain of life that will save you. What shall I do, and by what drum shall I make the announcement that this is your God, so that people might hear? What remedy shall I apply to their ears so that they should listen. If you belong to Allah, rest assured that Allah will indeed belong to you.”

(Kishti Nuh; Roohani Khaza’in, Vol. 19, pp. 21-22)


We believe that angels are a part of God’s creation. As the Quran has it, angels do what they are bidden to do. They have been created in His wisdom to carry out certain duties. Their existence is real and references to them in the Holy Book are not metaphorical. They depend on God as do all human beings and all other creatures.

The promised Messiah (May Peace and Blessings upon him) Says:

“One learns from a deeper study of the Holy Quran that not only for the education and upbringing of man but also for the overt and covert progressive development of the entire universe, some intermediaries are essential between God and His creation. There are clear indications in the Holy Quran leading one to believe that the holy beings known as angels have specific relationships with various heavenly bodies. Some of them, with their special faculties, govern the phenomenon of the motion of winds and some cause rain to fall. Similarly there are others who are deputed to cause some other cosmic influences to descend upon earth.”

(Tauzeeh e Maram: Roohani Khaza’in Vol. 3, p. 70)

We believe that God speaks to His Chosen Servants and reveals to them His purpose. The revelation comes in words. Man believes by revelation and through it comes to have contact with God. The words in which revelation comes are unique in their power and wisdom. Their wisdom may not be revealed at once. A mine may be exhausted but not the wisdom of revelation. Revelation brings us divine ordinances, laws, and exhortations. It also brings us knowledge of the unseen and of important spiritual truths. It conveys to us the approval of God as well as His disapproval and displeasure, His love as well as His warnings. God communicates with man through revelation. The communications vary with circumstances and with the recipients. Of all divine communications, the most perfect, the most complete and the most comprehensive is the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is to last forever. It cannot be superseded by any future revelation.

The promised Messiah (May Peace and Blessings upon him) Says:

“The Holy Quran is so glorious that none other can excel it in its glory. It is Hakam, the one whose judgment is ultimate; it is Muhaimin, a compendium of all guidance. Therein is found every argument which one may require. It is this Book which has scattered in defeat the very core of the enemy’s might. A Book which covers everything in depth and contains the news of what was and what is to be. Falsehood can attack it not from the front nor from the rear. It is the very light of God Almighty.”

(Khutba Ilhamiya: Roohani Khaza’in Vol. 16, p. 103)

We believe that when darkness prevails in the world and man sinks deep in sin and evil, it becomes difficult for him to rise again without the help of God. Then out of His mercy and beneficence, God chooses one of His own loving, loyal servants and charges him with the duty to lead and guide other men. As the Quran says, not a people but have had a warner sent to them (35:25). God has sent Messengers to every people. Through them, God has revealed His Will and His Purpose. Those who turn away from them ruin themselves. Those who turn to them earn the love and pleasure of God.


We also believe that divine Messengers belong to different spiritual ranks and contribute in different degrees to the fulfilment of the ultimate Divine Design. The greatest of all Messengers is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). He is the chief of all men, Messenger to them all. The revelation he received was addressed to all mankind. The whole of this earth was a mosque for him. A time came when his message spread to lands and climes beyond Arabia. People forsook gods of their own conception and began to believe in the ONE and Only God that the Holy Prophet Muhammad had taught them to believe. The coming of the Holy Prophet marked an unparalleled spiritual revolution. Justice began to reign instead of injustice, kindness instead of cruelty. If Moses and Jesus had existed in the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, they would have had to believe in him and follow him.

The promised Messiah (May Peace and Blessings upon him) Says:

“The sublime light which was bestowed on man, i.e., the most perfect among them, was not shared by angels nor by stars; nor was it in the moon, nor in the sun, or in the oceans and the rivers. It was not to be found in rubies or emeralds, nor in sapphires, nor in pearls: It was not in any earthly or heavenly object. It was possessed only by the perfect man, manifested in the most consummate way in the person of our lord and master, Muhammad, the chosen one, the chief of all the prophets, leader of those who live (in the sight of Allah). So, that light was bestowed on that man and likewise, to a degree, on all who in their several ways were similar to him… Sublime grace was possessed in its most 14 perfect and consummate manifestation by our lord and master, the unlettered Prophet, the truthful one, the one whose truth is testified to, Muhammad, the chosen one, peace be on him.”

(Ayena Kamalat e Islam: Roohani Khaza’in, Vol. 5, pp. 160-162)

We also believe that God hears our prayers and helps us out of our difficulties. He is a living God. His living character is evident in all things at all times. God continues His benevolent interest in His servants and His creatures. When they need His help, He turns to them with His help. If they forget Him, He reminds them of Himself and of His concern for them. “I am near indeed. I answer the prayer of every supplicant when he supplicates to Me. Let them, therefore, hearken unto me and believe in Me, so that they may go aright” (2:187).


We also believe that from time to time, God determines and designs the course of events in special ways. Events of this world are not determined entirely by unchanging laws called the Laws of Nature. Besides these ordinary laws, there are special laws through which God manifests Himself. It is these special laws that bring to us evidence of the Will, the Power and the Love of God. Too many people deny this. They would believe in nothing besides the laws of nature. Yet the laws of nature are not all the laws we have. Laws of nature are themselves governed by the wider Laws of God. Through these laws, God helps His chosen servants. Through them, He destroys His enemies. Moses could not have triumphed over a cruel and mighty enemy, but for the special laws of God. The Holy Prophet Muhammad could not have triumphed over Arabs determined to put an end to him and his mission except for the laws of God which worked on his side. In everything that he encountered, God helped the Holy Prophet. At last with 10,000 followers, he re-entered the valley of Mecca out of which he had to flee for his life only ten years earlier. The laws of nature alone cannot account for these events.


We also believe that death is not the end of everything. Man survives death. He has to give an accounting in the life to come for what he does in this life. The Power of God guarantees him survival.


We believe that unbelievers go to hell unless forgiven out of His infinite Mercy. The object of hell is not to give pain to the inmates but only to reform them. In hell, the enemies of God and unbelievers spend their days in wail and woe and continue so until the Mercy of God encompasses the evil-doers and their evil. Truly did the Holy Prophet say, “A time will come when hell will be emptied of all sinners.”


Similarly, we believe that those who believe in God and the Prophets, the angels and the Books, who accept the guidance which comes from God, and walk-in humility and abjure excesses of all kinds, will all go to a place called Heaven. Peace and pleasure will reign there and God will be present to all. Low desires will disappear. The inmates of heaven will have attained everlasting life and become an image of their Creator.