Margalla Town, Islamabad; November 20, 2021: Mr. Zafar Mehmood Ahmed’s sister passed away on October 24, 2021. Thereafter her children had to prepare stamp papers for inheritance and transfer of property. So they went to a stamp-seller in Blue Area Islamabad on November 20, 2021, who provided them with the required forms. Therein they wrote ‘Ahmadi’ in the box of religion. At this, the seller’s assistant went to his proprietor and informed him of the Ahmadi customers. At this, the proprietor told the nephews of Mr. Mahmood that he does not do business with Qadianis. “How dare you come to my shop? Leave my shop now,” he shouted. Thus he humiliated them and refused to do deal with them simply because they were  Ahmadis. A stamp-seller is officially forbidden such conduct on the basis of religion or belief.