Faisalabad; November 2021: Four Kabaddi clubs organized their annual Wahla  Kabaddi Cup, Faislabad to be held on November 28, 2021 at 8 Chak Panjgrain, Daewoo Road, Small Estate, Faisalabad. They publicized the event through posters as well.

            On the posters following was written in bold letters: Qadianis’ entry is banned. Qadiani is Kafir. (sic)

            The following four clubs were shown as participants:

  • Wahla Kabaddi Club
  • Bandisha Royal Belgium Kabaddi Club
  • Qadirabad Kabaddi Club
  • Sanjha Punjab Kabaddi Club

The police apparently took no action against these perpetrators of hate.

            Copy of the poster is placed at Annex to this report.