Ahmadi family boycotted due to faith

Chak 89 Tehsil Yazman, District Bahawalpur; April 2021:  The local mulla took oath from the locals that no one would participate in the marriage ceremony of the sister of Mr. Atta ul Wadood, president of the local Ahmadiyya community. So no one came to join the happy occasion. The mulla bad-mouthed him in his Friday sermon and spread hatred in the neighborhood by calling him a denier of the end of prophethood and being worthy of death (wajib ul qatl). People from the neighborhood visited him and told him to quit the Ahmadiyya community. He was threatened with severe consequences. On March 4, 2021, his close friend Mr. Muhammad Iftekhar visited him and repeated the same demand, of the locals. Mr. Wadood was offered great favors in return.

Mr. Wadood and the other 11 members of his family feel greatly persecuted. They are the only Ahmadi family in the village.