District Gujranwala; May 2024: The authorities sent for Ahmadis to report to the Civil Lines Police Station, Gujranwala on 23 May 2024. Consequently, an Ahmadiyya delegation went to the police station, where they met the ASP of Satellite Town and the SHO. The ASP stated that as last year, Ahmadis did not offer Eid prayer, did not sacrifice animals, and kept their place of worship closed all day, they should repeat the same this year as well. The Ahmadiyya delegation informed him that they had offered the Eid prayer, sacrificed animals last year and had offered Eid ul-Fitr prayer this year as well. In response, the ASP said that Ahmadis cannot use Islamic rituals and added that if they want to perform the Eid prayer and sacrifice animals, they must obtain an order from the DC (Deputy Commissioner). Ahmadis responded that they had always performed these rituals and did not need permission from the DC because the Constitution allows them to practice their faith. According to the law, they can perform their prayers and sacrifices indoors. They asked for government order prohibiting them if it existed. The delegation also provided the ASP with copies of higher judiciary decisions particularly the 2022 court decision related to the case in Rahwali Cantt, where the court acquitted the accused because they had undertaken sacrifice within the confines of their home. The meeting ended when the ASP said that they would arrange a meeting at the district level among Ahmadi representatives and the senior officials to instruct Ahmadis about the SOPs related to Eid al-Adha.

Similarly, on 26 May, the police sent for Ahmadis in Kot Shera District Gujranwala. The police pressured them and detained them in the police station, demanding written assurance that they would not sacrifice an animal on Eid al-Adha. A delegation went to Kot Shera and talked to the police, resulting in the release of the two detained individuals. The police said that they would be called again.