Chak 203 RB Manawala, District Faisalabad; August 21-22, 2022: Unidentified miscreants leveled 16 Ahmadis’ graves situated in the pre-partition common graveyard. Ahmadis informed the police about the incident. The following news item was published in (extracts):

Unidentified Miscreants Desecrate 16 Ahmadiyya Graves

The Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya (JA) claimed on Tuesday that unidentified miscreants had desecrated 16 graves in Faisalabad district.

The men, according to the JA, desecrated the graves located in a walled communal graveyard in Chak 203-RB Mananwala on the midnight of August 21 and 22. The graveyard has been functioning since 1947.

The JA said the incident had left the kin of those buried there grief-stricken. They, the community said, expected the government to mete justice.

Ahmadis are severely persecuted in Muslim-majority Pakistan where discrimination enjoys legal and constitutional sanction. An Ahmadi was earlier killed in a targeted attack on May 17. The burial of two Ahmadis was impeded separately over the year. An Ahmadi worship place was sealed in Mirpur Khas. The graves of 173 Ahmadis have been desecrated. Thirty-one confession-based cases have been lodged.…