District Kotli, AJK; March 2024: On the night between March 7 and 8, 2024, some unidentified miscreants destroyed tombstones on eight Ahmadiyya graves in Barmoch Goi, District Kotli, and took away the debris with them. Ahmadis came to know about this vicious crime when someone visited the graveyard next morning. Ahmadis informed the authorities. The police visited the place, recorded the statements of Ahmadis and registered a case against unnamed perpetrators.

Another incident took place on March 12, when some unknown malefactors demolished tombstones on two Ahmadiyya graves in Patriara, Barmoch Goi, and took away the debris with them.  One of these desecrated graves was that of Mr. Muhammad Din and the other of Naik Ghulam Shafi, a soldier who died fighting for his country on the Siachen front, almost 33 years ago.

Kotli has become a hotbed of anti-Ahmadi activism. One reason for this is the apparent lack of rule of law.