Eight Ahmadiyya gravestones vandalized 

Govind, District Sialkot; December 2023: Ahmadiyya graveyard is separate here but adjacent to the graveyard of non-Ahmadis. It has 43 graves. On December 30, 2023, a malicious bigot from Talwandi Khajurwali, District Gujranwala, came to the local mosque and announced that he intended to break the gravestones of Ahmadis, and for this he sought help. After this, the police came and sent for the local Ahmadis. The Ahmadis took a stand that they would neither do it themselves nor let anyone else do it. The people of the village also supported the Ahmadiyya stance. The police and the miscreant left.

The said cemetery is outside the village. The next day, on the morning of December 31, 2023, when Ahmadis went there, they found the gravestones broken. It is not known exactly who did this. They destroyed eight gravestones and took away the debris with them. At numerous other locations in the Punjab, the police are known to have taken away the debris after destruction of Ahmadiyya minarets, niches and tombstones.