Gravestones of 25 Ahmadis desecrated by the police

Chak 565 GB, Jaranwala, District Faisalabad; February 2, 2021:  The cemetery here is located at a short distance from the village. A few days ago, a mulla started an anti-Ahmadi drive through opposition to the gravestones of Ahmadis. The matter went to the SHO, who met the local Ahmadiyya officials on February 2. They told him of their position in this regard. The next day the SHO went to the cemetery, inspected it and asked the Ahmadis to take down the tombstones. The police were told that Ahmadi would not do such a thing and would not allow anyone to do so. If the police came in uniform, Ahmadis would not resist.

So, on February 3, after sunset, the police arrived accompanied by some local non-Ahmadis. They tore down 25 tombstones and took these away with them.