Mityal, District Jhelum; August 30, 2022: The opponents displayed anti-Ahmadiyya flexes, against which Ahmadis submitted an application to the DPO requesting legal action against these elements. Police tried to take down the flexes, but some people stopped them from doing so, and Tehreek Labbaik (TLP) workers gathered outside the police station and started shouting slogans.

TLP wrote to the police that Ahmadis had built their place of worship on the main road and installed traditional Muslim minarets that resemble those on mosques. They also wrote that the words “Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasoolullah” was graffiti on the wall of the washroom as insult, (although it was written by the members of TLP, which was later erased by the police). TLP demanded registration of a police case against Ahmadis or removal of the minaret from their mosque. They were assured by the police, and the crowd dispersed at around 3 o’clock.

On 31st August, police sent for an Ahmadiyya delegation. They went to the police station and met the SHO. He told them to take down the minarets. Ahmadis refused to do it themselves. The DSP said that if the minarets were not removed, then Ahmadis would have to appear in the peace committee to defend their position. Later, when the Ahmadiyya delegation was going to meet the peace committee, the SHO came and informed that Ahmadis had taken down the minarets themselves, and the matter stands resolved.

Later, it was found that the SHO had threatened the Ahmadis through local people that the situation had worsened there and no one would come to help them. Ahmadis had to remove the minarets, for lack of protection from the state.