GHS, Islamabad; August 14, 2021:   Mr. Altaf Ahmad Bajwa, an Ahmadi, died here on August 14, 2021. His corpse was taken to his hometown in Sialkot. Some non-Ahmadis also went there with them. There they came to know about the family’s Ahmadiyya belief. On return, they told the locals and their mullas about this.

The opponents called a Jirga (meeting) in which Mr. Ahmad’s sons disassociated themselves from Ahmadiyyat to avoid opposition and complied with their demands. They also asked them about the other Ahmadi families residing in the area. Anti-Ahmadi miscreants became incensed to know of other Ahmadi residents and vowed to burn them. The mullas have threatened rallies and disturbance. They have told the locals that killing an Ahmadi is equivalent to performing a Hajj.