Samanburg, Johar Town, Lahore; August 22, 2021:  Anti Ahmadi activities have been agitating in this neighborhood for the past four years against the Ahmadiyya place of worship. Activists approached the police, the district administration, the high court to deny worship here to Ahmadis. The issue is kept alive by a few mullas and bigots.

Now Maulvi Ihsan-ul-Haq has written to the police that worship takes place here while the former SHO had settled that only the residents of the place of worship would worship there. He alleged that Ahmadi youth show guns at the site and make loud noises etc. On August 22, 2021, the police and officials of the Special Branch came to the prayer center to check. When the guard opened the door, the SHO asked for the Ahmadiyya local head to report forthwith. Meanwhile, a Special Branch official contacted the president of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Johar Town. They visited the prayer center and the official reported to the SHO on phone that there was nothing objectionable there. Later an Ahmadiyya delegation met the SHO. The SHO said that the decision made by the former SHO that only residents of the place of worship would worship there should be followed, as any changes would turn the opponents against him. He said that none from outside the prayer center should come to worship there.

A bad decision need not be accepted as final.