Barakahu, Islamabad; August 5, 2021:   Ms. Atia tul Naseer Nabeel has been teaching here at “The Rise International School” for the past eight years. For the past three years, she was appointed as the Coordinator of the Junior School. She was promoted to Head of the Junior Campus in May 2021 for excellent performance and was given a separate office. She was accorded respect and appreciation, and her faith was not held against her.

On August 5, 2021, a man came to her office, misbehaved with her, and threatened her with expulsion from the school. She complained about him to the CEO who sent for him. He objected that a Qadiani had been given a supervising position. He threatened the CEO as well as Ms. Nabeel. He knew all the details of her house and family. Afterward, he told the CEO about her sister’s details who had been teaching in another school around 14 years ago and is now residing in Germany and threatened him with consequences. Afterward, the CEO called her, fired her from the job and told her that he was helpless, and advised her to remain underground for 3 months and not contact him. She is disturbed.