Karachi; October 2022:  There is more to report on this issue over after report in September 2022.

            One, Mr. Patel had approached the police against the small minarets and niche at the Ahmadiyya Hall, and demanded registration of a criminal case against four named Ahmadis.

            The police initially took no action on this maniacal application, so he approached a sessions court under section 22-A and 22-B, on which the judge ordered registration of a case as per law. In the meantime, it is learnt that PS Pareedi, on their own initiative, registered a criminal case, against the named four Ahmadis on September 9, 2022 with FIR No. 527/22 under anti-Ahmadiyya Sections PPC 298-B, 298-C and 34.

Ahmadis filed writ petition against the order of the Justice of Peace. The High Court graciously suspended the Order till next date of hearing. However, there was no specific order concerning the FIR already registered.

October 6, 2022 was the date of hearing in Sindh High Court, Karachi. The Court rejected the plaintiff plea for registration of a police case, as the FIR had already been registered. Ahmadis filed another writ petition for the bail of one of the nominees in the above-mentioned case, Mr. Sabahat Ahmad, and for eviction of the case. At this, the Court granted the pre-arrest bail to Mr. Ahmad and gave next date of hearing for both matters.