September 2022: Service to humankind and help of the afflicted, regardless of the victims’ creed, color, caste, ethnicity etc. is a norm with the Ahmadiyya community. Ahmadis have repeatedly undertaken relief work all over the world. Being a worldwide community, its services are made available wherever needed. However, as Ahmadiyyat was born and initially took roots in the Sub-continent, it was the people here who benefited the most from these relief efforts. This is particularly true of Pakistan. Now, that floods struck Pakistan, it was natural that Ahmadis would come forth to serve the affected, from all over the world through donations, etc.

            Anti-Ahmadi elements, particularly the mullas of TLP did not like Ahmadis’ relief efforts that could perhaps dilute the immense hate created against them by the TLP in the public mind. Some twitter accounts, claiming to be affiliated with TLP, prepared and released a number of posts on the Internet of the following type:

  • This (shown above) is Qadiani welfare organization (Humanity First) … wherever you see them, immediately inform the ulama, otherwise they will successfully rob hundreds of their faith, as they did in 2009 floods (sic).
  • Qadianis have emerged again in the name of donations, all the believers should stay alert.
  • Qadianis are traitors to both Islam and the country.
  • Humanity First is not a welfare organization, but one that destroys faith etc.

            The vernacular press like the daily Ummat did not miss to claim its own pound of flesh from this hate campaign. It published a long-winded story of Ahmadiyya relief efforts, partly true, partly false; however, the headlines given are noteworthy:

Qadiani network in action in the guise of social service

Simple people are being netted through NGO Humanity First

Apostatic activities proliferate in poor neighborhoods all over the country including southern Punjab

Recipients are made to deposit their identify cards

As ever, this time also the Ahmadi community endeavored to help and assist Pakistan in its moment of need and will always do so, and no amount of hatred and hostility will ever stop them in this. Love for their country is a part of their faith.