Bhera, District Sargodha; November 2021: The repair work of Ahmadiyya mosque was in progress when the opposition filed an application with a civil court against the renovation. Both the parties were summoned to the police station and Ahmadis were told to stop the construction work until October 29. In this regard, Ahmadis met an influential person of the area, who sent for the petitioner and told him to refrain from mischief. Thereafter, the application was withdrawn on court appearance on October 29.

On 28th October, Bhera Police Station officials, town committee officials and Abrar Bagvi, Khatib of Sher Shah Mosque Bhera visited the Ahmadiyya mosque. The SHO said that a committee consisting of persons from both parties would be constituted to have a meeting regarding repair work, in the office of CEO Town Committee, Bhera.

On October 29, the committee held a meeting in which it was decided that the repair work of the roof would be completed but the niche and minaret will not be repaired. It was also decided that a permission would be necessary from the town committee before starting any kind of repairs in future. ‘Bait-ul-Zikr’ will be inscribed on the main wall of Ahmadiyya place of worship. The administration will revisit the site from time to time. Furthermore, they told that Muslims would ‘save’ the Kalima written therein, at which Ahmadis said that they could not confront the administration but they would not allow any private opponent to enter their mosque.

It is obvious that restrictions imposed by the police on Ahmadiyya worship place are discriminatory and unfair. On October 30, ‘Bait-ul-Zikr’ was inscribed on the wall of Ahmadiyya place of worship.

In the dark hours of December 01, police and town committee members came to the Ahmadiyya mosque, destroyed the Kalima written in the hall as well as in the courtyard, and took the debris along with them.