Quaidabad, District Khushab; September 2023: The sectarian-divide animosity has been on peak since last month. In 30 villages adjacent to Quaidabad, public communication campaigns, corner meetings and Khatame Nabuwwat conferences in mosques especially in private schools and colleges were held, in which, apart from the dignitaries of the area, civil and police administration officers also kept joining and reciting naats etc. These rallies passed in front of the medical store of the local Ahmadiyya President.

For some time now, efforts have been made by opponents of Ahmadiyya to erase the word “Syed” written on the board of the medical store of the local president. After the September 7 rally, the DSP called Ahmadiyya president and his brother to the police station and told to erase the prefix “Syed”, written on the board of medical store, as there was a lot of pressure on him.

The DCO, DPO and District Administration Committee Khushab also said that according to the law Ahmadis are not allowed to write (sic), on which local president told him that there are court decisions and we cannot erase them, but they did not agree. After the campaign of Khatme Nabuwwat, there has been an active increase in social boycott in the region. The restaurant from which Ahmadis used to buy tea, refused to sell them tea. Many shops have stopped selling grocery and people were incited to not buy medicines from Mubarak Dawakhana.

In the same way, an Ahmadi Mr. Kashif Ejaz was pressurized to close down his mobile shop in Joharabad, and numerous demands were placed against him, including the denial of entry.