Goth Misan, District Larkana, Sindh; September, 2023: The opponents here are actively participating in anti-Ahmadiyya activities. Celebrating September 7, an opponent Naveed Ahmad wall-chalked against Ahmadis and then erased it himself to file a complaint against Ahmadis and get a police case registered. He went to the police station and alleged that Ahmadis pester him. He also stated that Ahmadis had constructed minarets and niche in their worship place. When the inspector refused to take any action, they went to the DSP. Along with DSP and SHO, the opponents came to the Ahmadiyya mosque. The Ahmadis who were present there met the officials. The opponents insisted the minarets and niche be demolished. The police called both parties to the police station, but the issue remained unresolved. The opponents actively indulge in anti-Ahmadi activities and are now trying to raise the issue with the SSP.