Naimat Colony, District Faisalabad; July 25, 2023:

Police came over to the clinic of Syed Kaleem Ahmad during their security visit. The DSP saw the board of Mr. Kaleem’s clinic, on which his name carries the prefix “Syed”. He ordered to erase the word “Syed”, on which he was intimated that the Doctor wasn’t around. He arrogantly told the dispenser to remove the board itself; this was done as ordered.
After removing the board, the DSP wvvvvvvvanted to check the clinic for undeclared reason; he asked the dispenser to open it. He replied, “The key is with the doctor, who is not here.” The DSP ordered the clinic to be locked and called the Doctor to the police station. When the Ahmadiyya delegation went to the police station, it was learned that all this was done due to a demand made by the TLP. After talks, Ahmadis were permitted to open the clinic. Earlier, an undertaking was similarly obtained from Ahmadis not to sacrifice on the occasion of Eid.
Faisalabad is the district where Jaranwala is located.