Islamia Rd; August 2023:

Ahmadis had recently undertaken repairs to the depleted sections of their mosque here. One evening, they checked their security cameras; they showed that someone had undertaken recce and photography of the mosque at mid-day. This lout turned out to be the same who had quarreled with an Ahmadi official last year and had threatened to kill him.
Ahmadis considered it appropriate to inform the police. The police sent for this fellow, and he turned up accompanied by 20 mullas. They took the position that a criminal case should be registered against Ahmadis for having minarets in their worship place.
The police decided to visit the worship place, in the company of three mullas. They found nothing objectionable at the site.
The mullas at the P.S. seemed unhappy with the youth for being indiscreet, not consulting them, and not being first in reporting to the police.
Mullas, in fact, had planned to agitate in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque on a Friday creating a law and order problem to worsen Ahmadis. Most of them were from the nearby neighborhood of Sham Nagar where they had succeeded in getting the Ahmadiyya center closed.