Doliyan Jattan, Kotli; December, 2023: Last month, anti-Ahmadiyya extremists attacked the Ahmadiyya mosque here. They vandalized the building and demolished its minarets. After the incident, the authorities formed a peace committee, under the supervision of the Mufti of the District. The committee, after listening to the stance of the Ahmadiyya delegation, postponed the meeting. The shopkeepers in Doliyan Jattan have socially boycotted Ahmadis. Local Ahmadis go to far off places to buy groceries.

After the incident, TLP organized processions and rallies at various locations, in which they even threatened some Ahmadis by name, and pasted anti-Ahmadiyya posters on shops. TLP candidate Malik Zaheer addressed a press conference in Tatta Paani, where he gave one-week ultimatum to the authorities. Similarly, in Aghar, a rally was organized on December 8, in which Ahmadis were threatened and disparaged.

On Ahmadis’ request, a police case was registered against the miscreants; 19 of them have secured bail. The opponents now turned to the High Court for the quashment of the FIR. Meanwhile, Ahmadis are facing difficulties in finding legal representation, as no lawyer is willing to represent them and persue the case under these anti-Ahmadiyya circumstances.