District Bahawalnagar; July 2023:
Nowadays, opponents are filing complaints against Kalima inscription in Ahmadiyya mosques and their minarets and niches. District Bahawalnagar is facing this ordeal as four of its mosques are under grave threat—both from the police and the religious bigots.
The opponents demanded the police destroy the niches and minarets of Ahmadiyya mosques in 160 Murad, 168 Murad, and Chak Number 9 Fordwah. The opponents invited an outsider mulla and attacked the Ahmadiyya mosque but fortunately, they could not succeed in their heinous goal. The DSP Chistian insisted that the Community demolish the niche and minarets itself, but Ahmadis refused to do that. A delegation of Ahmadis then met the DC and DPO, and conveyed their view and concern. They also filed an application over the issue.
In Chak 191-7R, on the direction of the police, Ahmadis had to cover the minarets, niche, and Kalima inscription by erecting a wall around them.