Sahiwal, District Sargodha; November 2022:  In 2003, 4 kanals of land was allotted to Ahmadis for a cemetery in Sahiwal, District Sargodha. Ahmadis had started with burials and had constructed a surrounding wall and a room there. Muhammad Yusuf Rahmani, an opponent applied on various forums against the Ahmadiyya graveyard, like Assistant Commissioner, SHO Sahiwal police station and also in the court under 22A and B. In this petition, he accused Saeed Ahmad, an Ahmadi, of putting proselytizing pamphlets on the wall and when told to stop, he engaged in preaching and occupied the said area and built a graveyard there. Earlier, the accused had attempted to build a Qadiani place of worship in Nawan Lok, which was foiled by the scholars. Due to his actions, the religious sentiments of Muslims have been hurt so action should be taken against him.

The Assistant Commissioner sent for Ahmadis. The Ahmadiyya delegation showed him the allotment papers, to which he objected that the allotment orders need to be accompanied by transfer documents, which are missing. Therefore, Ahmadis should present some solid evidence of ownership; otherwise, the graves of Ahmadis will be removed. Moreover, he called on reports from Tehsildar and Patwari. Earlier, two officers along with mullas visited the site. The case is under trial in court.