copy of FIR registered against the ahmadi lawyer.

Karachi; November 21, 2022:  A police case has been registered against Syed Ali Ahmad Tariq Advocate with FIR No. 172 under PPCs 298-B, 298-C and 34 on November 21, 2022 at Police Station City Court Karachi.

The plaintiff in the case, Muhammad Ahmad, has taken a stand in the FIR that earlier on September 26, 2022, he had filed a case against the officials and management of the Qadiani Jamaat for constructing the Ahmadiyya Bait-ul-Zikar in the style of a mosque in Martin Quarters, Karachi, under PPC 298-C with FIR No. 527 at Police Station Jamshed Quarters, Karachi. He further wrote that the said case is being pursued by a Qadiani lawyer Syed Ali Ahmad Tariq on behalf of Qadiani Jamaat. In the papers, using Islamic rituals, he has written ‘Syed’ with his name, which he is not allowed according to Pakistani law, so legal action should be taken against him.