Baldia Town, Karachi; 26 May 2024: A Khilafat Day gathering, commemorating the establishment of successorship in Ahmadiyya community, was held here with around 200 Ahmadis in attendance. At about 6:45 PM, a mob of Tehreek-e-Labbaik activists came to the Ahmadiyya mosque, accompanied by the police. The religious fanatics told the police to stop the Ahmadiyya event, claiming that the Ahmadis were preaching and that there was an ongoing case regarding the plot of land. They also mentioned they had demanded shutting down the worship place.

The SHO told the community officials to stop the proceedings and said that he would stand outside for Ahmadis to exit safely. Given the situation, Ahmadis had to put a stop to the event and go home. The opponents detained two Ahmadis, Mr. Atiq ur Rehman and Mr. Atif, beat them up and took them away. Later, the police recovered them. At the time of evening prayer, these violent extremists dispersed, but they gathered again after the prayer and started shouting hateful slogans. Ahmadis feared that they might hammer down the main gate and enter the mosque. The mob vandalized a few motorcycles and cars of the Ahmadis who had come for the event.

 After the procession and protest, TLP submitted an application to the police station to prevent Ahmadis from performing Qurbani (animal sacrifice). Similarly, the chairman of the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Movement Pakistan, Mufti Muhammad Abdullah Noori, announced a protest for the next Sunday.

The PPP rules Sindh and Karachi.