Chenab Nagar (Rabwah); 8, 9 October, 2022:  On this occasion, conferences were held and rallies taken out at various locations in Pakistan by anti-Ahmadi organizations. At Rabwah most of the participants came from other localities. A brief description of these hateful assemblies here is given below.

Majlis Ahrar, notorious for their traditional anti-Ahmadiyya extremism, held their annual End of Prophethood conference in nearby Kot Wasawa on the night of October 8. Attendance was around 400. Syed Kafeel Bukhari of Multan presided the first session. The participants, including Molvi Hanif Muavia of Khanewal, Molvi Muhammad Mughera incharge Madarassa Ahrar Islam (Rabwah), Molvi Muhammad Umar Farooq of Chiniot, Molvi Zahid ul Rashdi of Gujranwala, Qari Muhammad Ashiq and others asserted Qadianiat to be “the greatest evil (fitna) of the time.” They said that Ahmadis, planted by the British, are enemies of Islam and Pakistan. They urged the participants to unite and crush (sarkobi) these people. The speakers further stated that till the last Ahrari was alive, crushing of Qadianis will continue.

            The second session started at 10:20 p.m. The number of participants was approximately 4000. Speakers said that Ahmadis were converting the poor in Sindh. They urged Muslims to rise and lay a siege against Qadianis on all fronts. They demanded their complete boycott. The speakers badmouthed Mirza Ghulam Ahmadi Qadiani, the founder of Ahmadiyya Community. They stated that the Mirza, born in Qadian, held a petty job, later he developed relations with the English rulers and started this mischief called Qadianiat, and initiated the drama of his fake Nabuwwat. The speakers stated that the Mirza ran away from every challenge extended to him by the Ulama.

            Molvi Saif ul Rehman called Ahmadis “traitors to Islam”, he asked participants to see the cursed face of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and read his books to assess whether he was cursed or innocent. Molvi Abdul Khaliq affirmed that Ahrar would chase Qadianis on all fronts to crush them (sarkobi). He told the audience to keep an eye for Qadianis, and if they see one in their area, make him flee.

            The first rally sortied on 9 October forenoon from Masjid Bokhari (Masjid Allah Yar Arshad) in Dar ul Fazl. Mullas addressed the participants (50 people).

            The second rally was taken out from village Khichian. It proceeded to the Bus Stop via Aqsa Chowk and returned to disperse at Chhani/Khichi. Its leaders were decent enough to use the occasion to speak on the life (seerat) and high moral profile of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.), and wasted no time in bad-mouthing Ahmadis. The number of participants were counted around 1000/1200.

The third rally emerged from Kot Wasawa at 14:50 with Kafil Bokhari of Majlis Ahrar leading. The number inflated to approximately 5500. They came over to Evan Mahmud, the central office of the Ahmadiyya Youth Organization. The speakers urged Ahmadis to join (the constitutional) Islam, and accused them of being enemies of both Islam and the state.

Shahid Mehmood Kashmiri of Multan, Molvi Muhammad Ilyas Chinioti (MPA), Hafiz Ammar Yasir (MPA), Molvi Muhammad Ali Mugheera of Chenab Nagar, Pir Nasir ul Din, Maulana Abdul Khaliq (Vice President JUI) and others delivered speeches in front of Evan Mahmud.

Ammar Yasir MPA (PML-Q) invited Ahmadis to Islam to save themselves from hell-fire. He praised General Bajwa and wished him well in whatever he was doing.

The speakers were rabid in their sectarian anti-Ahmadi speeches. What they said should better be not quoted in full. They challenged Ahmadis, “Wherever you go, we’ll crush you”. They called Ahmadis ‘laanati’ (cursed), and a cancerous boil (Nasur).

            Apart from the above, smaller rallies came over to Rabwah from nearby Chiniot, Muslim Colony, Ahmad Nagar, Kot Qazi and other villages. They came to the Bus Stop, went to Aqsa Chowk, shouted anti-Ahmadi slogans and dispersed.

            At about 3 pm when the Ahrar procession was moving through the Rabwah interior, one of the miscreants threw a stone at an Ahmadi that hit him in the knee. Ahmadis detained the miscreant, and handed him over to the police that arrived at the scene. The procession people declared him to be insane, and the Ahmadis left it to the police to inquire further in the incident.             Ahmadis bore all these provocations with grace, restraint and due care. As for the authorities, they permitted all these hostile sectarian gatherings that blatantly violated the relevant laws like PPCs 153-A, 295-A, 298 and 298-A.