Chiniot; February 26, 2024: The Central Institute Dawat o Irshaad Chiniot organized its 62nd Annual Fath e Muabahilah Conference here under the presidency of Maulvi Ilyas Chinioti. The conference continued from 1:20 pm to 2:40 pm, with more than 200 men attending the event. Following prominent mullas addressed the conference: Ismatullah Bandialvi of Sargodha, Shah Nawaz Farooqi of Gujranwala, Nauman Zia Farooqi of Faisalabad and Masroor Nawaz of Jhang.

In their addresses, with reference to SC’s verdict in Mubarak A. Sani’s case, these mullas emphasized that delivering justice is the responsibility of the judiciary, but unfortunately, the Supreme Court, which stands as the backbone of the judiciary, is not providing fair judgements. They further exclaimed, “Qadianis are enemies of Islam and traitors to the country. We cannot show any leniency towards them. Our elders have sacrificed for the dignity of the Khatme Nabuwwat and the Respected Companions (of the Holy Prophet); we will continue to make sacrifices for it. The Supreme Court should reconsider its decision so that Qadianis cannot take advantage of it. Muslims are the custodians of the Khatme Nabuwaat and can sacrifice anything for it. We will defend the Khatme Nabuwaat in the footsteps of our elders. We reject the decision made for a fake prophet and an incomplete personality.”

Following anti-Ahmadiyya resolutions were moved at this event (translation):

  • Qadianis are a divisive group unrelated to Islam. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, they are a non-Muslim minority and an illegal organization (sic). This gathering demands that the government take action to enforce the Constitution and laws against this anti-state and anti-Islam group. If Qadianis do not accept their constitutional status and call it “black law”, how do they deserve any constitutional rights?
  • This gathering expresses grave concern over a recent ambiguous decision regarding Qadianiyyat by the Supreme Court. It also expresses strong reservations about the European Union’s unreasonable interference. Although the Supreme Court’s pubilc relations officer has attempted to eliminate the ambiguity by the explanation of the verdict on February 22, 2024, we are aware of the mischiefs of Qadianis and the way they disseminate the Holy Quran around the world with their own translations; surely, they would refer to this decision according to their own interpretation. Hopefully, the Honorable Chief Justice, while issuing the decision on the review petition, will also consider this aspect as well, InshaAllah.