Joharabad, District Khushab; December 2023: Malik Adnan Qadri filed a petition with DC Khushab against Mr. Tariq Virk Ahmadi, saying that he arranges Friday prayers in his house, while Qadianis are not allowed to do so under PPC 298-C (sic); therefore, a case should be registered against the accused and others, and legal action should be taken.

The same applicant Adnan Qadri made a statement on the occasion of the inauguration of a mosque that their political leaders who were present there and others should answer whether the Qadiani Friday gatherings in every city should be banned. At this the participants raised their hands. Adnan Qadri demanded that either he should be expeled from the town or the Qadiani Friday gatherings should be stopped; otherwise, they would stop these themself. “After that, if there is any disturbance in the town or any harm comes to the Mirzais, we shall not be responsible,” he added. In this regard, a local Ahmadiyya delegation met the DPO, who understood.