Palingari Kahota, District Rawalpindi: November 2023: Mulla Anjum, a teacher in a local madrassah, incited his students and locals against Ahmadis. After this, a student came to the shop of Mr. Adeel Ahmad, an Ahmadi, and shouted the slogans “Qadiani Kafir, Tajdar Khatman Nabuwwat.”

Given this situation, the local Ahmadiyya leadership contacted the SHO and informed him of the situation. The police called Mr. Adeel and his father, Mr. Mubarak Ahmed.

Similarly, the miscreants were called by the SP Rawalpindi. After which, there was peace. But opponents continue to hold internal meetings. Boycott posters were also put up in the area, and efforts were made to shut down the businesses of Ahmadis and pressurize Ahmadis to leave the area.