Sargodha; December, 2023: Religious bigots, encouraged by the official response to their such initiatives in numerous places in the Punjab, have sent applications to the administration here against the minarets and Islamic resemblances in Ahmadiyya mosques in three villages.

The opponents planned hostile action in Chak Nr. 38 and sent for the Ahmadis. Ahmadis sensed the danger and informed the Incharge Security, Sargodha. The police took notice accordingly. The DSP visited the location and briefed the Incharge, so did the Ahmadiyya Amir, Sargodha. Thereafter the police sent for both the parties in PS Karana. The opponents left the meeting in disagreement. A police contingent then came over to Chak 38 and stayed there till the Friday prayer, to ensure peace. The opponents in the meantime sent a message to Ahmadis to cover up their minarets. This bizarre wish was not met.

Similarly, the opponents have approached the administration regarding Ahmadiyya mosques in Thatta Joyia and Hajka. The AC visited these locations.

The Ahmadiyya district Amir sought an appointment with the DPO.