Twitter; June 16, 2023:  There is no shortage of hate-mongers in Pakistan, although the country does not need them. They spread hate based on politics, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, etc. Ahmadis are often targeted, however, there are not many miscreants who use social media for this purpose in a senseless manner. There is a fresh entrant in this field who tweets from address @Riaz_Hussain77, and calls himself RH Riaz. Riaz refers to Ahmadis with the sole object of slander, hate, malice, bad-mouthing, etc. without caring whether his message makes any sense, has any logic, or is supported by even half-truths. We do not know who is his paymaster and what he gets per posting, regardless of its worth. We produce one of his recent fabrications below, as a specimen:


(The opening statement)

Who are (these) people who talk about Qadianis’ rights?

In fact, the greatest danger to Islam is the Qadianis. All these are shameless Qadianis.

Who, by elevating Imran to the rank of Imamat and Prophethood, are spreading misguidance and dissension?

Imran is the anti-Christ evil (Dajjali fitna).

(The pictorial display; pictures are mostly of supposed Ahmadis)

Top:  What kind of Muslims are these?

Left column:  I seek the forgiveness of Allah.

Right column: I seek the forgiveness of Allah.

Centre:   Unreadable

Bottom: Undiscernible

Centre bottom: If these are not Qadianis’ beliefs, then what else are? Please consider copiously.
Bottom: What sort of religion is this?

Honestly, we cannot make head or tail of the above. Who are his target, Imran Khan or ‘Qadianis’? Perhaps both, in the opinion of this fellow.

Mr. Riaz’s sponsors should reconsider if he and his assignment are worth their money.

Last, not least, Ahmadis played an active role in creation of Pakistan. They remain its genuine well-wishers despite… . Don’t call them bad names and do not persecute them; it harms Pakistan itself.

Lahore; April 16, 2023: During dark hours, some miscreants graffitied “Mirazais and Qadianis are infidels and apostates—countless curses be upon them” (translation), on the boundary wall of the Ahmadiyya Darul Zikar. The police were immediately informed of the incident. They visited the scene and got this hateful writing painted over.  It is one of the two mosques in Lahore where on May 28, 2010, a massacre of Ahmadis took place that resulted in the brutal murder of 86 worshippers.