Lalian; June 10, 2023:  ASJ Lalian rejected the plea for bail of Mr. Mubarak Ahmad Sani, the principal of the Ahmadiyya Noor Academy. He remains in prison while awaiting trial and a verdict. It is almost six months that the esteemed head is behind bars.

            It would be recalled that a criminal case was registered in Chenab Nagar police station on December 6, 2022, under the blasphemy law PPC 295-B and the anti-Ahmadiyya law PPC 298-B against Mr. Sani and a few others on pretext of the distribution of alleged corrupted translation of the Holy Quran. The accusation was malafide, fabricated, and baseless. The penal code applied allows imprisonment for life. Mr. Sani whose full-time job is to educate and train his students in memorizing the Holy Quran was ironically arrested for defiling the Holy Quran on January 7, 2023. He is incarcerated in a prison in Faisalabad.

            He applied for release on bail. The judge rejected his plea despite the circumstances of the case, the unjustifiable registration of the case, the inappropriate penal code applied, and the fact that he has already suffered over five months in prison. Also relevant is the fact that in the recent past, judges of high courts and the Supreme Court have granted bails to a large number of accused who are facing very serious charges, for sedition and violent conduct, etc. under official allegations.

            The mulla was delighted over this rejection of Ahmadi principal’s plea, and hurried to issue the statement, It is provided below, along with the translation:


A verse of the Holy Quran, Al-Ahzab 57, with Urdu translation

City:Chenab Nagar– Chiniot:                       Date: June 10, 2023

Alhamdulillah, the bail of blasphemer Mirza Mubarak Ahmad Qadiani got rejected

The accused is a major culprit in the Qadiani network responsible for the compilation, publication, and worldwide dissemination of altered versions of the Holy Quran through social media. The accused is the principal of the central institute of Qadiani Jamaat Jamiatul Hifz, in-charge Madrassah Ayesha, and a member of the central advisory council (Shura). Today the bail of the accused was heard in the respected court of Sessions Judge Rao Ajmal. From the accused’s side, his advocate Mirza Adil (a judge of the Qadiani Jamaat’s Darul Qaza), Advocate Amir Munir (Secretary, General Affairs Qadiani Jamaat), and Advocate Aftab Cheema were present. They said that there is no evidence against the accused. The accused has been involved in the case out of religious prejudice and conspiracy against him; the case is baseless. While from the complainant’s side, Legal Commission on Blasphemy Pakistan’s legal team comprising Advocates Nadeem Gujjar, Kamran, and Sardar Ajmal were present under the leadership of Advocate Sheikh Nawaz. The plaintiff’s lawyers presented all the evidence before the court and elaborated on the criminal character of the accused. After examining the arguments of both parties and viewing the records, the respected court rejected the bail of the accused.

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            This case provides a testimony to the hypothesis that while dealing with Ahmadis on religious issues, the mulla and the judiciary have often acted as a team — of course, there were exceptions, even if rare.

            The list of originators of the above statement shows the role of Vukala Gardi, (Lawyers’ activism) in anti-Ahmadi sectarian role. The list includes a body like the Islamabad Bar Association — note the depth and extent of the cancer.