Gulistan Colony, District Faisalabad:  Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Bari accepted Ahmadiyyat in 2011 and his relatives started opposing him. His father excluded him from inheriting property. Two years ago, he shifted back to his home in Gulistan Colony after some reconciliation, but the opposition continued. His father called his Peer (a spiritual leader) from Attock and arranged a meeting with him. The Peer asked him to give up Ahmadiyyat but he refused. The Peer then told his father to expel him from the house, which he did.

Mr. Bari dealt in used clothings. The said Peer and his followers started strongly opposing him by placing threatening pamphlets outside his shop and making it known in the market that Bari had become an Ahmadi and it was haraam (illicit) to do business with him. The shopkeepers boycotted him accordingly. One day a few bigots attacked his warehouse and beat up his employees. He had to close down.

Mr. Bari’s father-in-law forcibly took away his wife and children with him on the orders of the Peer, against her will. They also told the Imam (prayer leader) of the local mosque that he had become a kafir (infidel). His father demanded the return of money and property given to him at his wedding. For this, he sent him a legal notice.

Similarly, one of the followers of the said Peer was a business partner of Mr. Bari. He was supposed to pay Mr. Bari some money, but he refused to pay. He got published a report in the newspaper that Mr. Bari had become an apostate, was preaching against Shariat-e-Muhammadi, was deceiving the people and converting them Ahmadis. He is trying to get an FIR registered against Mr. Bari. The said Peer has declared Mr. Bari wajib ul qatl (must be killed).

In these circumstances, Mr. Bari’s life has become greatly disturbed. His life is in danger. His business, home and family appear to be ruined. He is planning now to shift somewhere else.