Kotli, AJK; June 23, 2023: A case was registered against Mr. Mubarak Ahmad in City Police Station Kotli under PPC 298, 298-C and 489-P. Mr. Mubarak works as a stamp-paper seller at the Judicial Complex Kotli and has a better business than his competitors, which caused professional jealousy among other stamp-paper sellers — the complainant Muhammad Zulfiqar Hussain is one of them. According to the details, they took the mobile phone of the accused on the pretext of making a phone call, and posted some irrelevant remarks regarding the End of Prophethood (Khatme Nabuwwat). Subsequently, in consultation with mullas, they got a police case registered against Mr. Ahmad. The police raided his residence to arrest him, but when they could not find him, they detained two of his sons, Taimoor Ahmad and Luqman Ahmad, and also his servant.  

Mr. Mubarak Ahmad is the younger brother of the president of the Ahmadiyya Community Kotli. The police went for him as well but could not locate him. The police is trying to arrest Mr. Ahmad while the wrongfully detained sons and servant were released from custody.

The incident shows the vulnerability of Ahmadi citizens, and the police role in support of religious bigots.