The daily Jang, an Urdu newspaper is published from various major cities in Pakistan and has a nation-wide circulation. It is surely the most widely read vernacular newspaper in Pakistan. For long, it has followed anti-Ahmadiyya news and editorial policy, and publishes every year a special edition to celebrate the constitutional amendment on 7 September that declared Ahmadis to be non-Muslim.

            The Jang, as a matter of routine, frequently prints news that are hostile to Ahmadis. Reports on anti-Ahmadiyya conferences and statements of even petty mullas find plenty of space in this paper. However, recently, the Jang has gone berserk to the extent of being absurd, even insane.

            The daily Jang, issued at Quetta (capital of Baluchistan province), in its issue of October 4, 2022 published a 5-column anti-Ahmadi headline on a story that had nothing to do with Ahmadis, whatsoever. The story was about prison department and the treatment of inmates, while the headline read:

“The Muslim Ummah will have to act in unison to crush Qadianism.”

Print media rarely, perhaps never, nowhere, has ever indulged in such absurdity.

Note:  When pointed out, the Jang reset their digital issue.