Ghoghiat, District Sargodha; December 21, 2021:    Anti-Ahmadi elements approached the police at Miani in district Sargodha that ‘Qadianis’ residing in Ghoghiat pretend to be Muslims, use Islamic rites and have constructed their place of worship in mosque style. This act of Qadianis is an open violation of the law and the orders of the higher judiciary; it is a threat to local peace, they wrote. They demanded action.

            And the police who are duty bound to uphold citizens’ fundamental rights responded — and how?

The police named three persons from both sides, Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis, and constrained them under section 107/151 as ‘prophylaxis’, and referred the case to Magistrate Rana Khalid Mehmood, Bhera under Section 30 for further action.

Sargodha Police is extraordinarily fair; it treats both the victim and the aggressor alike!