Rabwah; October 2022:  Mulla Tauseef Ahmad, of Jamia Masjid Khatme Nabuwwat, Muslim Colony sent an application to the Deputy Commissioner against Ahmadi teachers working in local and suburban public schools. He fabricated his demands at length and came up with pleas unfit for any civilized person or society. For instance:

  • Ahmadi teachers should be replaced with Muslim teachers.
  • All Ahmadi headmistresses of government schools should be removed from their posts.
  • Schools, roads, buildings etc. in Rabwah are named after Qadiani elders; these should be renamed as proposed by Muslims.
  • Qadiani teachers should be forbidden to teach the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran. Etc.

In reality, the issue had come up due to some disputation between two non-Ahmadi teachers. The education department has sorted it out appropriately.