Chak 84 GB, District Faisalabad; July 29, 2021:

A group of three or four youth of the infamous TLP (Tehrik Labbaik) of Udhwali came over to this village and agitated the locals to remove minarets and the Kalima from the Ahmadiyya mosque. The localelders refused to comply and told them not to interfere in the Chak’s affairs.

A fortnight later, these miscreants succeeded in getting support of a few locals who then applied to the police to remove the minarets etc. The SHO sent for them and told them to go ahead and do it themselves. This they refused to do. The SHO then agreed to do so himself, but in those very days he was transferred elsewhere.

On July 29, a police contingent of 15 arrived; it broke open the lock of the Ahmadiyya mosque. They posted some policemen in plain clothes outside Ahmadiyya homes to not allow Ahmadis come out.

Thereafter the police demolished all the four minarets of the mosque, effaced the Kalima written inside and took away the Kalima posted outside.

Within a few weeks, this is the third such operation by the Faisalabad police on behest of Tehrik Labbaik — unbelievably.