Kasraan, District Attock; 26 March 2024: Hazeem Ahmad, an Ahmadi student at Quaid-e-Azam Public School, had undertaken Ramadan fasting when he was forced by a classmate to break his fast, citing Hazeem’s religious identity as the reason. Hazeem was told that he was a Kafir (an infidel).

Hazeem’s mother later complained to the school principal, seeking redress for the maltreatment of her son. Instead of being sympathetic and upholding religious freedom, the principal expressed annoyance that worsened the situation. Rather than taking action against the perpetrator, he threatened Hazeem’s mother of disenrollment of all Ahmadi students from the school. He told her to take Hazeem home forthwith.

Ahmadi children are still there attending the school. Efforts are in hand to reconcile the issue, however, such behavior in a school is very regrettable.