Lahore, Islamabad; September/October 2022:  Ahmadi travelers, at times, face condemnable and unlawful handling at Pakistan airports at the hand of security personnel. It is most un-pleasant and vexatious for any regular and rightful traveler to get off-loaded at the airport for no other reason than this religious identity. It is almost criminal — on part of a law enforcing agency.

            An Ahmadi, on his way to an African country, in possession of all the required documents, visa, etc, was off-loaded by the FIA at Lahore airport in September.

            This gentlemen, a fortnight later, went to Islamabad airport, all set to travel to his destination. The FIA man discovered from his documents that he was an Ahmadi, and he expressed his prejudice there openly to another official. He sent the Ahmadi to his senior for the decision. The senior’s behavior was even more bigoted and despicable. He disallowed boarding to the Ahmadi on excuse that he had been earlier off-loaded at Lahore; although he had the authority to let him board, regardless.

            It can be reasonably assumed that the high officials of the FIA are educated and correct enough to not let religious prejudice influence their professional work, but they seem to be unaware of what their subordinates indulge in their day to day work – bringing bad name to the country and the department.

            There is need to overhaul and to train the lower cadres.