Okara; October 2022:  Opponents applied to the police against the local Ahmadiyya mosque, for its minarets, etc. They claim incorrectly that it is a violation of the Constitution of Pakistan and the decisions of higher courts. They demanded the destruction of the minarets and other structures.

Ahmadis told the police that there is no provision in the law against the construction of minarets etc. in Ahmadiyya mosques; also this mosque was built before Ordinance XX, so this law does not apply to it, anyway. The police were thus more correctly informed.

On October 14, an Ahmadiyya delegation was called to the DC office, where a meeting was held with senior officials. The Ahmadiyya delegation submitted their position verbally and in writing along with various decisions of the judiciary in this regard. The authorities expressed their compulsion in the face of (assumed) a threat to law and order. Ahmadis made it clear to them that they would not undertake any demolition of the minarets nor make any changes to the building. It was the duty of the administration to deal with crowds and mobs. The DC told Ahmadis to raise the outer walls of Ahmadiyya mosque and cover the minarets with fiber sheets so these are not visible from the outside.

Ahmadis agreed to cooperate in the implementation of these rather freaky proposals.