Ahmadi fired from job for his faith (Peshawar)

Peshawar; February 2022:   Mr. Anees Ahmad, a resident of Peshawar, has been working in a private company ‘BAND BROAD’ since 2019. In June 2019, his company’s staff refused to work under him because of his faith. The CEO intervened and resolved the issue. After that, when a spate of murderous violence occurred against Ahmadis in Peshawar, the attitude of his staff changed again. Meanwhile, his company started work in Tehkal, a village outside Peshawar, but the locals stopped them alleging objectionable acts. They would not let them, work in the area. However, after negotiations, they agreed to let the work proceed, but then, for little reason, they started calling the company a ‘Qadiani company’ and demanded that the company remove Mr. Ahmad, or face protests. A Khatme Nabuwwat organization joined them and delivered Friday sermons against the company. In this situation, the company asked Mr. Ahmad to resign. He had to comply.